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Helloooo Guys! After seeing one of my friends do a similar version of this, I decided to create a Movellist Interview. If you would like to be interviewed, my contact details will be in the first 'chapter' of this Movella. I hope you enjoy!


4. Interview With Txmblr Queen



Txmblr Queen

Txmblr Queen and I Corresponded through email, if you would like to recreate this Movella and ask her similar questions, I cannot give you her email and you must ask for it on her wall.

Thank You


1.Why did you join Movellas?

I joined Movellas because I was inspired to start writing when I read 'Pregnant With Harry 101' it was a really great book!



2. How do you feel about having so many followers?

I feel so thankful for having many fans. Every time I log on, I see that I get more and more, and it just feel so heartwarming, because less than a year ago, I was a nobody.



3. What Inspires you?

What inspires me to write my stories are movies, my dad and I always go see the latest action movies and I get a lot of ideas from action movies. I also get inspiration from YouTube videos.



4. Who’s your favourite author?

My favourite author would have to be Lucy Style, she's just so amazing and very detailed with her work. I love it. I especially like how her movellas take you into another world.




5. Whats your favourite book?

I'm assuming you mean from movellas, so it'd have to be the Movella that gave me inspiration, Pregnant with Harry 101. It's not inappropriate haha (:


6. Whats your favourite Movellas account?

I don't really have a favourite Movellas account, but I would have to say, all of my fans, because they are amazing and they are what keep me writing.


7.Any Recommendations? ( I didn’t really specify… oops.)

As in recommendations, I would totally recommend you check out my story 'Keep Quiet'. (: It's pretty action filled (:



8.Whats your favourite music to listen to?

My favourite music to listen to would probably be music like Lana Del Rey, Marina and The Diamonds, and techno (:


9.How long have you been writing (poetry, stories etc)?

I've been writing since I was literally 10, so about 3 years (: I'm only 13.




10.Whats Your Favourite thing about Movellas?

I love the community, how everyone on here makes you feel welcomed (:


I would like to thank Txmblr Queen for answering these questions and being such a pleasure to correspond with. I highly recommend her account as she is an amazing writer and overall, a very thoughtful, kind person.

(To be honest, i thought she was older than 13! (in a good way!))

Thank You! 

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