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Helloooo Guys! After seeing one of my friends do a similar version of this, I decided to create a Movellist Interview. If you would like to be interviewed, my contact details will be in the first 'chapter' of this Movella. I hope you enjoy!


2. Interview With Percabeth484



Percabeth484 and I Corresponded through email, if you would like to recreate this Movella and ask her similar questions, I cannot give you her email and you must ask for it on her wall.

Thank You


1.Why did you join Movellas?

I joined Movellas around Christmas time in 2013, right after I got my kindle. I searched for Harry Potter apps, and Movellas came up!


2. How do you feel about having so many followers?

I feel like my followers/fans are my closest friends. Whenever I get a new fan, it's like getting a new friend.


3. What Inspires you?

I usually am inspired after I read stories on Movellas. They're so fun to read, that they make me want to write something that's fun for someone else to read.


4. Who’s your favourite author?

I can't choose just one favourite author. I love so many of them, so I can't choose a favourite.


5. Whats your favourite book?

It's really hard to choose a favourite book, but I'd probably have to go with Fangirl. If you are a fangirl, you have to read it!


6. Whats your favourite Movellas account?

My favourite Movellas account. Hmm. Well,I guess I have two. @1miles has become one of my best friends. She's sweet, and understanding. My other favourite is probably @What’s-Her-Face4801.


7.Any Recommendations? ( I didn’t really specify… oops.)

I don't know if recommendations are for Movellas to read, or what. Okay, so I recommend writing whatever you want. Movellas is a safe space, no one will judge you. I also recommend to find lots of friends on Movellas, that way if you need someone to talk to, they'll be right there.


8.Whats your favourite music to listen to?

My favourite music to listen to would probably be pop. Although, @Nikki Grace got mute into Pentatonix, which led to Straight No Chaser and so on.


9.How long have you been writing (poetry, stories etc)?

I have been writing for as long as I can remember, although, 5th grade (Year Five) is when I really started to get more into writing.


10.Whats Your Favourite thing about Movellas?

What I love most about Movellas is that I can be myself. In real life,I have to worry about everyone judging me.


I would like to thank Percabeth484 for answering these questions and being such a pleasure to correspond with. I highly recommend her account as she is an amazing writer and overall, a very thoughtful, kind person.

Thank You! 

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