The Fallen {Hetalia}

Death lingers in the air... New, deadly, enemies will emerge...all of which craving for blood to spill. The blood...of nations. Blood will cover the ground, and many nations shall fall... But only a handful of nations shall rise to confront the enemies...if they can survive...
(The title for this fandom came from Orange Beanie! I once again thank you for the title! And this is rated yellow only for language and violence.)


8. Chapter 8 : Baltic Execution

    Lithuania ran, his friend Poland and Latvia behind him. All three of them were terrified, for a person was chasing them. He looked like Austria…but it definitely wasn't him.
    Lithuania looked behind him, more fear striking him when he saw Poland falling behind a little.
    "P-Poland! Catch up!!"
    "Like, I'm trying to, Liet!!"
    Suddenly, a scream caught Lithuania's attention…he almost froze in horror, because he knew whose scream it was. He looked to make sure he knew it was his scream…and he instantly wished he hadn't.
    Latvia was pinned to the ground by Anti-Austria, the knife that he was holding gleaming in the sunlight as he raised it up. The tears in Latvia's terror-filled blue eyes gleamed also, just before the knife was brought down on his neck, scarlet-colored blood splattering onto Anti-Austria's long coat - now coating it with a darker shade of red. Lithuania instantly stopped and started to run back for Latvia, "Latvia!!!!!"
    Suddenly, he felt arms wrap around his abdomen, pulling him away. He looked up to see none other than Russia pulling him away. Even if he was terrified of the intimidating nation, he didn't care at the moment. All he cared about was getting to Latvia.
    "GAH, LET ME GO!! LATVIA!!!!"
    Poland looked very concerned - which is a rare thing,

    "Liet, like, we gotta go! Like, now!"
    "I DON'T CARE!! I'M NOT LEAVING WITHOUT LATVIA!!!" Lithuania continued to struggle against Russia's grip around his abdomen, but Russia merely made his grip tighter, glaring down at the smaller nation.
    "Look, Latvia's dead, alright? Now, we don't need you to die either!"
    "Why do you care?!"
    Lithuania immediately regretted saying that, for the Russian's violet eyes now flashed with rage, "I JUST LOST MY SISTER NOT TOO LONG AGO! Now, I am not losing anyone else who is a part of my nation! Now, come on!!"
    Lithuania couldn't get his mind to think any longer - shocked at what Russia said - so he allowed himself to be separated from Latvia, Poland quickly - albeit nervously - following.
    Russia led Lithuania and Poland to the abandoned house where everyone else was. Everyone seemed surprised to see the two. Lithuania noticed Belarus instantly, So Ukraine must've been the one who was killed… he thought, a pang of sadness hitting him. Ukraine was nice towards him and the other two Baltic's…
    "Hey…where's Latvia and Estonia?"
    Lithuania felt a wave of grief as he heard America ask that question. His eyes stung with tears, yet he refused to let them fall. Fortunately, Russia saved him, "Latvia is dead…yet I don't know if Estonia is alive."
    "He is dead," Lithuania found himself blurting out. He remembered the gruesome scene like none other…
    Blood covered the floor, and it also covered the form of Estonia laid out on the wooden surface. There was a gaping hole in his middle. Lithuania simply stood there, frozen in horror, Estonia's glasses - in which he had found on the floor before he saw the murder scene - falling from his hands. Lithuania couldn't believe what he was seeing, but he knew Estonia was dead…
    "Lithuania…?! Dude, you okay??"
    "H-huh…?" Lithuania opened his eyes and realized that he was on his knees, and he felt his cheeks wet with tears. He looked up to see everyone staring at him, a look of worry on their faces - even Russia had a tiny glimmer of concern in his violet eyes. 
    Lithuania quickly got to his feet, "Oh, u-uhm…nothing…," he muttered before walking away, Poland following him.
    Once again, I was a tiny bit lazy with this…the ending and title is just ugh, but oh well -_\
    Okay…the next chapter will be out someday…

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