The Fallen {Hetalia}

Death lingers in the air... New, deadly, enemies will emerge...all of which craving for blood to spill. The blood...of nations. Blood will cover the ground, and many nations shall fall... But only a handful of nations shall rise to confront the enemies...if they can survive...
(The title for this fandom came from Orange Beanie! I once again thank you for the title! And this is rated yellow only for language and violence.)


5. Chapter 5 : Piano Murder

    Hungary walked down a hallway. Yeah, she had come to Austria's house to look for him earlier…but there was one room she didn't check.
    The piano room.
    The first time…Hungary just did not want to go in the room. Because she had a sense of dread in going into it. But this time she was going to go in it…
    Suddenly, everybody heard a scream. Prussia immediately ran forward, as if on instinct, "Hungary!!!"
    He ran down the hall and stopped at where Hungary was, "Hungary, are you-?!"
    Prussia stopped himself, seeing Hungary's state. Tears were rolling down her cheeks, her hand covering her mouth, and she was trembling all over. She was definitely NOT okay.
    Prussia took more steps toward Hungary, until he was behind her, "Hungary…," his crimson eyes suddenly went wide in horror.
    Blood covered the side of the piano - as well as the floor - and there, against his precious instrument, was Austria. The front of his head bashed open.
    Now Prussia was trembling, "A…A-Austria…," he stammered, unable to comprehend what he is seeing. Now the others were there, also shocked when they see Austria.
    Russia stepped forward, passing Hungary and Prussia, and kneeling at Austria's body. He then glanced up at the Prussian, his violet eyes silently saying 'Get her out of here…'. Prussia knew immediately who Russia was talking about, and he gently wrapped his arm around Hungary, "Come on…," he said with a very rare soft voice. He could relate to how bad this shock is for Hungary…and he knew he wouldn't help with his loud, cocky voice.
Hungary didn't reply, but allowed herself to be led away from the death scene.
    Hours later, Prussia and Hungary were sitting on Austria's front porch steps. Hungary was staring at her feet, still horrified by what she had seen.
    She slowly lifted her head and glanced over at Prussia. The Prussian had something in his hand, and he was handing it to her. She hesitantly took it, and to her disbelief she knew what it was...
    It was Austria's glasses…
    "One of the lens are cracked…but it should help…"
    Hungary felt tears in the corners of her eyes, and she wiped them with her sleve.
    "…Thank you, Prussia…"
    (The chapter title foreshadowed this…
…Prussia x Hungary moment…?
    Btw, Prussia will have a SLIGHTLY different personality…
    And Austria was killed from having his head bashed into his piano, so now u don't know who killed him >:3)

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