The Fallen {Hetalia}

Death lingers in the air... New, deadly, enemies will emerge...all of which craving for blood to spill. The blood...of nations. Blood will cover the ground, and many nations shall fall... But only a handful of nations shall rise to confront the enemies...if they can survive...
(The title for this fandom came from Orange Beanie! I once again thank you for the title! And this is rated yellow only for language and violence.)


4. Chapter 4 : Rondevus

    "Alright! So the ones dead are…"
    "Japan, France and England, Sweden and Finland, and others who are missing…"
    Russia crossed his arms, "We don't know for sure that the ones missing are dead, да?"
    Prussia glanced over to him, "Ja…ve don't know for sure…"
    Hungary pumped her fist in front of her face, "Austria isn't dead! I know it!!"
    Ukraine placed her hand on Hungary's back, "I'm sure he isn't, Hungary…"
    America sat there staring at the ceiling of the abandoned house they were in. He couldn't forget seeing the number fifty on that person's jacket...
    "That person who tried to strangle you yesterday…did you know him…?"
    I could feel everyone's gaze on me. This is the first time everyone had heard about what happened to Russia yesterday. They had only heard that France and England were murdered.
    "What...?! Someone tried to strangle you? Why didn't you tell me, Vanya?!"
    "…," Russia gently brushed Belarus's clinging arms off of his arm, "…He looked exactly like you, Amerika…but different at the same time."
    "What do you mean by that…?"
    "He had reddish-brown hair…and his eyes were a burgundy color."
    Nobody knew what the two were talking about. "Um…what are you two talking about…?" Canada asked, hoping he was heard.
    Surprisingly, America acknowledged his twin brother, "The night France and England died…Russia was also attacked by someone…"
    America now turned his attention back to Russia, "So…there's an anti me, huh…?"
    Russia thought for a moment, then he nods, "Да, and I think there are anti versions of all of us also."
    Italy was very unnerved about this, "V-ve...e-even me…? A-and fratello…?"
    "Да, even your brother."
    Italy now looked genuinely scared, and Prussia placed his hand on the Italian's back in comfort.
    "So…vhere do ve go now?"
    Hungary, who was staring at the floor for quite some time now, lifts her head up, "I want to go to Austria's house."
    Everyone looked at her in surprise, "Why…? You were already there, aru…"
    "I don't know…I just…want to…"
    "… Да. We will all go, then."
    Hungary looked at Russia in surprise, then saw that everyone else agreed to this.
    "…Fine…let's go!"
    (Canada will be a lot more noticed in this!!
    And basically…all the nations who are not in this chapter are either dead or just simply missing. Except for Norway, Iceland, and Denmark - who were silently mourning Sweden and Finland in this chapter.
Ja : German. Means yes in English.
Amerika : Russian. Means America in English (DUH.).
Fratello : Italian. Means brother in English (you could've used common sense).)

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