The Fallen {Hetalia}

Death lingers in the air... New, deadly, enemies will emerge...all of which craving for blood to spill. The blood...of nations. Blood will cover the ground, and many nations shall fall... But only a handful of nations shall rise to confront the enemies...if they can survive...
(The title for this fandom came from Orange Beanie! I once again thank you for the title! And this is rated yellow only for language and violence.)


2. Chapter 2 : Denial

    All of the sudden, the temperature in the room felt like it had dropped several degrees. Russia - who had been disgracefully addressed in German - took a step forward, his normally semi-bright violet eyes darkening - and they seemed to have a hint of red in them. The large nation did NOT like to be accused - all of the nations knew it. 
    Though Russia was very angry, he hid it with one of his creepy smiles, "And you have proof of that, да?"
    Italy makes a silent nod, lifting up his hand and dropping a red scarf onto the table.
    "Ve...this was in one of Japan-san's hands…"
    England picked up the scarf, examining it, "Oi…this seems to be the scarf from when you were the Soviet Union, Russia."
    Russia now had a confused look on his face, "Да, it is…but I got rid of it when my union fell apart…"
    "Then why did Japan have it in his hands, aru?!"
    Russia gave China a shrug, "I don't know," he simply replied.
    "How can you say that?! You're the one who killed him, aru!"
    "Okay, dudes, calm down! We don't know for sure that the commie killed Japan!"
    Everyone looked in surprise at America. They expected for America to also blame Russia, but surprisingly he didn't.
    "The only proof we have is this scarf, but seriously, ANYONE could have been wearing a red scarf! May it be a human or a nation."
    Everyone was quiet after that, seeing truth in America's words. The meeting eventually ended, and everyone left.
    (Poor ending to this chapter, I know…but whatever… -_-)

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