The Only Heir

Princess Maeve is the only survivor after a brutal uprising in her family's country. Noah, the leader of this violent group of extremists needs her to become king, but will Harry, her personal body guard and protector, let him have her?


15. Three Days

~~Maeve’s POV:

Tomorrow is three days.

If Noah doesn’t have me back by tomorrow, he’s going to attack Brendan and Chelsea’s kingdom. I’m not stupid; I’ve heard people talking, including my aunt and uncle, and things are going to be horrible.

I’ve been laying in my bed thinking about whether or not I can live with myself if I let Noah start a war for hours. After a while longer of imagining both kingdoms in ruins, thousands of people dead, and myself married to Noah after all the bloodshed, I make a decision.

I’m leaving.

I’ll go to Noah myself, and I’ll marry him and then convince him to leave everyone else out of it. That way no one else will get hurt, especially my aunt and uncle, Harry, and the other guys as well. They’re all I have left, and I have to protect them. I’d rather them be safe and never see them again than put them in danger and possibly get them killed.

I get up from my bed quietly and go over to my closet. I pull on a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt along with a shoe on the foot that isn’t in a cast. I leave my phone in my room so they can’t call me or anything like that, and then go downstairs quietly. I take my crutches from their place by the front door, and then open it quietly.

I make it out of the castle without waking anyone, and just continue on, using my crutches so I can move more quickly and put distance between myself and the castle. I continue on, going through the woods since it’s the quickest path out of Brendan and Chelsea’s kingdom and back into mine, or Noah’s I suppose.

After a while, my arms are exhausted, and I just want to stop, but I continue on. I have to get out of the country before morning or before someone notices I’m gone. I just have to; otherwise they’ll take me back to the castle and I won’t be able to keep everyone else safe.

The sky is starting to get lighter when I finally reach the border. It’s marked lightly, and since I’m not in the woods, no one sees me or knows that I’m here. I decide to walk a bit farther into the country, and then finally stop to rest. I’m completely exhausted, and need to rest before I even think about going the rest of the way to the castle and facing Noah.

I lie down in a small cave that I find, and curl up on the ground in a tight ball because I’m kind of cold. It doesn’t take long before I feel my eyes fall shut and just fall asleep.

Harry’s POV:

I’m woken up by my door being flung open, and after I sit up, Brendan asks, “Is Maeve in here? Have you seen her?”

I look at the clock and see that it’s only seven in the morning. I ask, “She’s not in her room?”

He shakes his head, “No. She’s not anywhere downstairs or on the grounds either. Did she say anything to you about going anywhere or something? Did she need something?”

I’m about to shake my head, but then I think back to the conversation I had with Maeve right after we heard Noah’s message. My eyes widen and I get out of my bed quickly, and say, “She didn’t want any of us to get hurt because of her, but I talked to her… I thought it was alright… I thought she understood that everything was going to be alright. I really thought she was alright Brendan… I did…”

Brendan asks, “What are you talking about Harry? Do you know where she is?”

I say, “I think she’s going to Noah herself…”

He asks, “What?”

I curse and say, “She didn’t want a war to break out because of her.”

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