The Only Heir

Princess Maeve is the only survivor after a brutal uprising in her family's country. Noah, the leader of this violent group of extremists needs her to become king, but will Harry, her personal body guard and protector, let him have her?


19. Rescue.

~~Harry’s POV:

Somehow they figure out we’re here before we’re able to make a move for Maeve, which makes things much more difficult. In all the mass confusion and chaos, somehow we lose Maeve’s location. Louis, Brendan and I are searching the upper floors, and as we’re climbing to one of the last levels, we hear a loud thump.

I run up the stairs with the other two following me, and yell, “Maeve! Where are you!? Princess, we’re coming for you…”

We quickly check each of the rooms until we reach the King and Queen’s old room. The door is locked and so we shoot the lock and kick it down quickly. Noah is in the room, wearing a pair of boxers, and Maeve is lying on the floor. Her eyes are closed, and she’s tangled up in a sheet that’s fallen off the bed. There’s blood on her face, and I’m almost positive she’s unconscious.

Noah points a gun down at Maeve, and says, “Take one more step and I swear I’ll shoot her.”

Louis says, “You need her. You won’t kill her.”

He moves forward just a bit, bending to put his gun down, but then Noah shoots his gun. He hits Maeve in the hand, and says, “I never said I would kill her. I don’t mind hurting her a bit.”

I growl, “You bastard!”

He just laughs a bit, and says, “Maybe you should watch how you’re speaking to me pretty boy, or I suppose I could just go ahead and kill her if you like.”

I say, “You’ll never be King if you do that, and you’ll never have an heir.”

Noah shakes his head, “You’re wrong. Maeve’s cousin on her father’s side will do just fine. Fetching her is a bit out of the way, but not impossible. I have men capable of bringing her back to me.”

Brendan looks furious, and is about to say something when Maeve’s eyes flutter open and she groans a bit. Tears start to run down her cheeks almost immediately, and I say, “Maeve, hang in there princess.”

Noah just chuckles and says, “You’re so precious. Did you really ever think it was going to work out between the two of you? She was raised to do what’s best for her people. Were you really stupid enough to believe she would choose you over her duty as a princess?”

I snap, “Shut the fuck up you prick, and get away from her. I swear to all that’s good I’ll kill yo-“

He shoots again, and this time I don’t hesitate. I shoot him right in the head before he can do anything else to hurt Maeve. She screams in agony, and I see that he shot her wrist just below where he shot her hand. She’s screaming and crying so hard that by the time we’re crouched down beside her, she’s coughing up blood.

I move some hair out of her face and say, “Hold on Maeve, we’re gonna get you out of here and take you back home, okay?”

She sobs, “Please just m-make it stop hurting! Pl-please Harry!”

I kiss her forehead and say, “I’ll make it go away, it’s going to be alright.”

She nods a little and I pick her up and follow Louis and Brendan up to the roof where they just got word that the helicopter is ready to pick us up. We get everyone situated and make sure to notify the medics at the castle that Maeve will need some serious attention as soon as we land.

During the flight to the castle, Maeve can’t seem to calm down at all, and I feel completely awful for her. She must be in so much pain, and there’s absolutely nothing I can do for her. I just hope we land soon and that they can give her something for the pain; at least that way she’ll feel better soon.

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