The Only Heir

Princess Maeve is the only survivor after a brutal uprising in her family's country. Noah, the leader of this violent group of extremists needs her to become king, but will Harry, her personal body guard and protector, let him have her?


2. Hiding

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~~Harry’s POV:

Maeve is sleeping now. After she started crying, she stayed like that for a good while until she basically cried herself to sleep. I’m still a bit shaken up about what happened, because it’s honestly a lot worse than I told Maeve. I just couldn’t bring myself to tell her the whole truth because knowing that her parents were murdered, and her siblings might be dead or captured as well is horrible enough.

Basically, when I said that some extremists broke into the castle, I wasn’t lying, but extremists makes it seem like such a small group, when in reality, over the past year, the ideas they stand for and believe have become more and widely accepted, and there has been quite a lot of talk from the people about overthrowing the royal family.

The King and Queen didn’t want any of their children to worry though, and so no one was supposed to tell Nate, Robin, Gia, or Maeve about the rumors and growing resistance. They thought they would be able to take care of it, or at least flee with their children in time. That didn’t happen though, and now I’ve got to make sure that Maeve is safe, and doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

After a few hours, I call over to all of her sibling’s safe houses, and Zayn, Robin’s body guard tells me how she was hurt while they were running from the castle, and he couldn’t save her. He said that she bled to death, and since he didn’t have any supplies until he reached the safe house, he couldn’t help her in time. Then I found out that Nate and Niall made it out, and were about to call us. Niall told me that I could try Gia and Louis, but when he called they didn’t answer.

I try Gia and Louis for Maeve’s sake and curse when they don’t answer. After that I call back and ask Zayn if he wants to come and stay with Maeve and me so that he won’t be alone, and then that way he’ll still have something to do. He says he’ll come in the morning, and that he’ll knock four times right in a row. After that, we say goodbye and I go and lie down in my bed.

I just think for a while, until I hear Maeve talking in her sleep, and look over at her. She looks distressed, and the covers are twisted around her. She mumbles, “No… no, no.”

I walk over to her bed, and when I get there, she lets out a shriek, and I remember briefly how no one really believed that soundproofing these things would make that much of a difference, and so this is the only one they did that for. I knew it was a good idea.

Anyways, I wake Maeve up quickly, and she shoots up, and starts to cry. I say, “Hey, hey, it’s alright Maeve, you’re safe. It’s okay… You’re okay.”

She asks, “Harry?”

I nod a little, and sit down on the edge of her bed, and say, “It’s just me, I’m here, and I’m not going to let anything happen to you. I promise.”

She nods a little, sniffling, and lays her head back down on my lap. I brush her hair out of her face, and just talk to her quietly about nothing in particular really. I just want her to calm down and get some sleep. She’s got to be exhausted, and she’s only going to feel worse about everything else if she doesn’t get any sleep.

After a while, she falls asleep again, and since she looks so peaceful and comfortable, I just stay where I am, sitting on the bed, and fall asleep leaning against the wall.

In the morning, I wake up and see that Maeve is still sleeping soundly, and then hear four quick knocks on the trap door. I go over and open it from the inside, and see Zayn, who seemingly brought all the supplies he could carry from the other safe house. He climbs down after handing me four bags of supplies, and asks, “How is Maeve doing?”

I say, “Alright I guess, all things considered. She had a nightmare last night, but she’s still sleeping now. Hopefully she’ll feel somewhat better when she wakes up and eats something.”

He nods, and then asks, “What do you think happened to Louis and Gia? I thought for sure that they would’ve gotten out alright with how quick they were, but no one’s heard from them at all.”

I shake my head, “I’m scared to think about it honestly.”

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