The Purge

Ana Winchester was never one to bow down to the rules of the annual purge. Every year, she would lock herself into her house, prohibiting anyone to leave or to enter; and every year, she was fine. She never had any targets that she wanted to pursue, but this year, something changed. She had her eyes set on more than one target, and more than anything, she was determined to succeed.

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2. Prologue.

Unemployment is at 1%.

Crime is at an all-time low.

Violence barely exists.

With one exception..

'Blessed be the new founding fathers

for letting us purge and cleanse our souls,

Blessed be America, a nation reborn.'

For the next 12 hours,

all crime, including murder,

will be legal,

and all emergency uses

will be unavailable during such time.


Good luck and may God be with you all.

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