The Runaway Witch

Every other teenager who runs away believes that it is an easy , accomplishable task : they are wrong. Being on the streets makes you cold and hungry. You get left alone in the shadows by people who walk past and neglect the problems right before there eyes. But this is not me. Trust me I am a shadow in the dark , I am ignored in the cold nights , however I am a secret that no body will ever discover. This is why I am different from the others. Why did I make this choice ? How do I cope - not like the others-? Magic . Magic can hide you , magic can help you. It helped me ; allot. My name is Andrea Pallu Winter and I am the runaway witch.

Warning this story may contain descriptions about abuse later on in the story , I will put a trigger symbol when their is.

I hope you enjoy reading this story as it is a idea that I have developed quite allot that I hope is unique and enjoyable to read. ≧◔◡◔≦


1. I cannot tell you but - I can show you ...


Panting heavily I run through the woods, skipping over branches that are sneakily trying to trip me over. Sirens can heard behind me, getting closer and closer. The wailing sound sends screams through my ears causing me to clasp my hands securely across my head; in hope to block out the screeching noise.

I make a left turn around a murky lake passing many trees. Then I run again. This is a normal thing for me: running. It’s a daily routine of my life, running and fleeing from the hiding places I shelter in. However as much as you try to hide, stay hidden in the shadows it is not possible or easy. There will always be someone lurking in the corners discovering your secrets. This has never happened to me though. I am not careless like the others. I am nothing like them. No one knows my secrets they are just intrigued as to why I am out like this: alone. The sounds stop and I come to a hault by collapsing on a nearby tree.

Now. The obvious question that you’ll be asking about now is, why? Why are you constantly running away in your life? Well the answer to your question. I cannot tell you but – I can show you …

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