The Aftermath of Frozen: Prince Hans life in Jail

This story about Prince Hans life after he was thrown in jail, All the drama, madness, & craziness about his life!


1. How it all Happened

                  Day one: March 15 1765,


          Hello, if you are wondering how I am writing this, I found this journal in Arendale, which I put into my coat pocket, right before I got on ship and they threw me in jail. When I got back to the Southern Isles, . The whole kingdom disgraced me. My brothers again thought I was invisible and never wanted to talk to me again. My mother told me that she would never would talk to me after I tried to kill a queen. Even though I knew she was only a monster....  So later that day while they were putting me into The Southern Isles jail, everyone in town had picket signs that yelled "YOU STINK" and "WE HATE YOU!" I was accualty glad I was going into jail, so I can escape all this madness, well, even though there was going to be a lot of craziness, I was ready for it.


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