That Butterfly Feeling

Large parts of this story is based off true events and I decided to write about it to you folks. I do appreciate you guys reading it. Thank you :)
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2. Mixed Messages

As I slowly closed the front door after only just arriving home at 7:54 pm. I heard the sound of quick foot steps coming down the stairs. Within two seconds of hearing this, my Mum's head pops around the corner. 

"It is nearly 8 o'clock, why are you so late? College finished 5 hours ago" she said with slight hint of anger in her voice. Her eyes began to narrow as if she was able to see that I was lying; before I had even said a word. 

"Right, I went with Venus and got the 7 bus..." I could see that her anger was being to swell "Wait wait!! don't start shouting, just listen for a quick second. I know I shouldn't have got the 7, I am sorry." leaving a pause in between the next subject so I was able to tell if she believed me or not. "But I do have some good news" smiling slightly, hoping that this will help the matter. She gave a little sigh and than gestured for me to continue "Well ... it is sort of funny actually and to be honest it will probably not work or won't even happen ...." I was cut off suddenly by her "For god sake Molly! What is it ?!". Trying my best not to roll my eyes , I looked at her and said "There is this guy I like, that I meet on the bus" 

I could see the tension in her face being released, she let her head hang and then moved over to me to grasp my hand. "Molly, I don't mind you going out late with friends. But just next time can you at least call me to tell you are going to be late home. I was really worried, I thought you had got kidnapped or got lost on the way home. You travel a long way to get to that college. So just remember that please". She said peaceful to me, but I could still hear the tone of anger behind it. 

She let go of my hand, then slowly turned on the stop and dragged herself back around the corner. Soon after the weak footsteps carried on up the stairs case and then stopped. A couple of minutes later I heard the click from the light switch in her room. Signalling that she was off to bed, clearly she had had a stressful day. 

I turned around to noticed that the boys had left the TV on one of their kiddy programs. *my thoughts* "How did I not notice this was on when I came through the door? Expect mum was taking most of my attention away with how worked up she was getting over me being home late." I walked over to the TV to press the off button and as I did I felt the buzz from my phone. 

I pulled my phone out of my pocket to see that I had a message off of O. The beginning of the message that I could see without having to unlock my phone was. "Go on Facebook and...". I typed in my password and the message continued with "Go on Facebook and we can talk further about our plan". I went off my text messages and went on my Facebook messaging app, I thought it would be best to message O first. As she had sent me the text message, so it was sort of my right to send the first one in the conversation on here.

It was a couple of minutes before O replied; so I put my phone on the kitchen counter as I made myself a cup of hot chocolate whilst I waited for a response back. Finally after my wait, she came back with "So I am just double checking with you. Do you definitely like Jack? I am not saying that you don't like him ?! It's just the two guys so far I have tried to get you with you have turned down."

I laughed a little bit and then replied back with " No O, I am pretty sure I like Jack. I mean he is nice and everything..." My thumbs hovered over the keyboard as if I wanted to carry on, but I stop then moved over to the send button. I put my phone back in my pocket to be able to carry my drink and then walked towards the staircase. 

It had been at least 10 minutes since I had sent O a message; but just as I went to check the Facebook conversation. She popped up saying "Why do you say it that way? Just admit it. You find Jack really attractive, I know you do ;-) "  I looked at the message for a while, this time I really didn't know how to reply back to her. I mean O and I clicked instantly when we first met. But I was just sat there staring at the phone unable to come up with anything. Finally thinking something up, I replied back with "Yes I do, I can't deny that. It's just I don't want to get too excited about this in case you know... If he doesn't like me".

As soon as the message had sent, I sat up on my bed to put my phone to charge and left it on my wooden green drawers. I exchanged my grip on my phone for my hot chocolate, which was cold now after having to wait for O to reply. There was no point in drinking it unless I went to warm it up. I pushed myself off of my bed and moved towards the door. I pulled the door handle and walked out onto the cold landing. Clicking the stairway light I heard my Mum mumble "Turn the light off", So I hurried down the stairs, having to be careful not to spill most of my cold hot chocolate on me. 

I moved through the living room to notice that William was on his laptop, I was going to say that it was late and he needed to get off. Expect I didn't actually know what the time was as I hadn't been paying attention to that since O's messages. I carried on through to the kitchen to warm up my 'hot' cold chocolate. After my 60 seconds of waiting, I got my hot chocolate and turned back around to carry my route back upstairs. 

I placed my hot chocolate on top of my drawers and just as I went to sit back down. I saw the blue light flash on my phone, signalling to me that I had a message. I had to re type my password three times as I kept missing the zero; but as soon as it had accept my actually password. The screen popped up with the message from O saying "Well you shouldn't be saying that for much longer, I text Jack earlier and before you ask I have had his number for a while. He said that ...wait I will copy what he put... there we go 'I think she is really beautiful but I just want to get to know her first' Isn't that great!". 

To be honest, I didn't know what to feel. I was happy but there was this little thing inside of me that didn't seem to be way. I mean this is great, he has said I am beautiful so that's a positive. Some one of the opposite sex (who is quite attractive) actually thinks I am pretty. Expect he has put "but I just want to get to know her first". This in guy talk basically means I think she is hot but I don't want to commitment to anything.  I realised I hadn't replied back when my phone buzz again on my lap which was to tell me that O wanted a response off of me whether it was the truth or not. So I sent my last message of the night to O saying "Oh that's amazing and thanks".

*My thoughts* "Why does this happen to me? I knew I should have not got excited about this. I really liked him. Well I will have to just get over this... oh god, I am acting as if I have just got out of a relationship." 

I picked up my hot chocolate, it had gone cold. Again. The time was 10:01 and I decided that I should go to sleep. Maybe I would wake up and this whole thing would just be a silly dream. 





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