love me not


1. Life,Love,and Music

           My phone went off for about the thousandth time this morning I could no longer ignore   it.I picked my phone up and looked at it blurry eyed most of the notifications seemed lo be     ordinary.Only one seemed a bit piculiar,a message from an unknown number calling me beautiful.Almost as if I had a cyber admirer of some sort, wich is absolutetly popostrous     since I just moved to england yesterday.

      For days on end I was filled with confidence and I felt on top of the world.Like any         seventeen year old girl would,Until the day that reality stuck and struck hard.July11,2018 a      couple on a Saturday a couple of friends of mine where going out.I chose to stay home and    help my mom pack for her trip.When we were done on her way out the door she gave me       permission to go meet up with them.Although I didn't really need her permission I decided to   stay home and surf the web.

 First thing i did while on my laptop was go on iTunes and check for new music from my favourite artists and bands.Then I decided to check my twitter feed and see if there where any concerts comming that I might want to go to.Soon as the page loaded I was overwhelmed by the new follower count.And when I checked my DM's and saw tht i recieved a couple from Harry_styles.

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