Cheyenne and Rachel are going to a Magcon Tour in Dallas dreading the whole day before they get to see the boys. Next day heading to Magcon the two girls run into some of the boys in the same hotel! Cheyenne finds herself slowly Falling for one of the boys....


1. Magcon Tour

Cheyenne's P.O.V.

"Cheyenne please don't go." I still love you, I still need you. Cameron walked towards me and looked me in the eye's. He gently slid his arms around my waist and leaned in to kiss me. *gasp* I rose from my bed. I covered my face with my hands realizing it was only a dream. Today was the Magcon Tour me and my best friend was going to. I couldn't wait to see the boys. I went to get dressed and headed downstairs. "Hey mom!" "Hey Chey." Are you and Rachel still going to the Magcon tour? "Of course.. there is no way I would miss that." "Ready to see Cameron?" "Mom..." "Just asking.." I went to go sit in the living room and watch tv. I flipped through the channels until I saw the Magcon Tour on the news. I immediately called Rachel, "RACHEL TURN YOUR TV ON RIGHT NOW!" "OK!" I heard the noise of a tv in the background. "The Magcon Tour will take place in downtown Dallas today." The reporter said with enthusiasm. As soon as she said Dallas my stomach tensed up, thinking about the dream I had the night before with the boy of my dreams. The news report was very short but it made me more excited. "So are you ready to go?" I said with a high pitched voice. "Yes, very ready and excited." "Ok, let me go pack a few things and we will take off." "Ok." I hung up the phone and ran upstairs to pack my clothes. It took me about 45 minutes to get everything I needed packed. I bolted downstairs with my suitcase in my right hand, and phone in the other. "We are gonna take off mom." "Ok, you two be careful." "We will." I kissed her on the cheek and headed out the door. I threw all my stuff in the backseat of my black, Chevrolet truck. I drove my way to Rachel's house and picked her up. She had a suitcase in her right hand and a large bag strapped around her shoulder. She ran and threw her stuff in the backseat and hopped in the passenger seat. "You ready?" I asked. "Yeah let's go!" I pulled away from her house and headed to Dallas.




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