Cheyenne and Rachel are going to a Magcon Tour in Dallas dreading the whole day before they get to see the boys. Next day heading to Magcon the two girls run into some of the boys in the same hotel! Cheyenne finds herself slowly Falling for one of the boys....


6. Let The Show Begin

The boys went in the back to get ready so Rachel and me were seated in the front row by Cam before he joined the others. As the time passed I got more and more excited and more nervous. Finally the time was here to let all the other girls in. Every seat in the place was full. The boys came out on stage and took their seats before starting. "Hey guys! How are all you young ladies tonight?" Taylor had started off. I heard so many voices all at once that said "Good!" During the whole time we were there I never took my eyes off Cameron, wondering if he was cool with what had happened earlier now. Shawn ended the show with one of his songs. As the room started to become more and more empty me and Rachel stuck around waiting for the boys to come back out to meet us. We waited about 5 minutes until a security guard was making his rounds to make sure everyone had actually left. He was about 6 ft tall and was wearing the full security guard outfit and about medium build. I was just about to get Rachel and head outside before he saw us but it was too late, he had already saw us standing there waiting. "What are you two doing here after the show?" He asked in a deep voice. And before I could speak I heard a familiar voice come from behind me. "It's ok John, they are with me." I turn around knowing that Cameron was the one who just saved us from being thrown out. I smile so big that I feel like my face could be stuck like that forever as soon as I see him. I noticed he had changed his clothes to a black and white T-shirt and blue jeans that fit his legs just perfectly. I looked back at the security guard as he nodded his head back to Cam's statement and walked away continuing his normal stroll. "Guys come here!" Cam calls to us from behind. Me and Rachel turn around to see him walking back to where he came from and motioning us to follow him, we look at each other and then follow him back to two double doors that I'm guessing he came from. We follow him through the double doors and into this long hallway with some doors here and there to the left and right of us. Where is he taking us I wonder to myself. Well really why am I questioning where he is taking us? I mean it's Cameron Dallas right? I really wouldn't mind if he just kidnapped us right now because being kidnapped by Cameron Dallas would be actually the most awesome kidnapping ever. We finally arrive to a door at the end of the hallway and Cam walks in ahead of us and holds the door open for us while we walk through to see the rest of the boys lounging around in chairs, on couches and tables. "Hey guys!" Rachel blurted out as soon as she saw them and went to go sit down next to Shawn.

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