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2. the beginning

As the hat sat on my head for the sorting I heard a low rumble that seemed to spread through the great hall and all over the castle.

The stones next to my feet seemed to turn to liquid and it rose up to above everyone's heads in a beautiful twisting vine made of stone the entire hall went quiet and before everyone's eyes the stone took the shape of three girls one eleven one eight and one four. All appeared to be in clothing from long ago and seemed to be related closely the eldest had dirty blonde hair and lightly tanned skin with just a small smattering of freckles across her nose, the eight year old had deeply tanned skin and deep brown hair, and the youngest had curly blond hair with light skin. None of them where awake.

"Poppy! The mediwitch quickly responded to the call from her fellow teachers and rushed from the staff table to check on them.

" they are all right just sleeping I will take them to the infirmary so that when they wake up they won't have thousands of eyes staring at them." The witch said and created floating stretchers underneath the girls and started towards where I assumed the infirmary was.

" well that was exciting but let us return to the sorting. hat where does this boy belong?" Dumbledor asked the hat grumbled but shouted out

"HOLLOWS!" Dumbledor looked confused but when another table appeared between the gryffindor and slytherin tables he looked shocked.

" to your table Mr. Potter." He said. I sat the hat on the stool gently and walked quietly to my new table waiting for others to join me. Soon the chatter started back up again and I soon had a table full of other first years join me eagerly talking about how they thought the table had appeared. Everyone seemed to have forgotten about the three girls but I couldn't stop thinking about them.

"Who do you think those girls where?" I questioned the girl Ron and I had seen on the train but judging from the look Ron was giving me I routed he would be my friend any more

"Well I think they are from the very beginning of hogwarts judging from their clothes and they look like younger versions of the three sisters who originally built hogwarts for the founders and two of them married godric and Salazar but I'm not sure which yet I'm sorry about your parents bye the way." I sighed I hated pity but when I looked up I could see that she was just being kind. I smiled

" thank you hermione but I cant remember them so it's hard to miss what you have never known." The bushy haired girl looked solemn but nodded and changed topics.

" so have you read any of the course books yet?" She asked I nodded and pulled out my hogwarts a history prom my pocket and taped my finger on the spine to return it to full size.

"Wow how did you do that?" She asked curiously. I grinned and showed her the runes I had drawn on the side and explained how I had found them in one of my books that I had gotten for enjoyment.

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