Dont Kiss and Tell

"Well who is it? Who do u love more because I know you love both boys!" Lilly said " I love harry more. I will never love Niall he was a jerk to me and just because he was nice to me for a few weeks doesn't change anything." " I know you love Niall and Harry don't deny it."


3. Meet The Band

8 months later

Niall is in a band with Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik


K so n one direction (Niall's band) is coming to our school for a private concert and then there is a party at Harry styles current living space (it's a huge mansion). Anyways guess who doesn't want to go! Guess who is being forced to go. My crazed fan friends lily and Haley are forcing me to go. They think one direction is amazing. They don't even watch X factor how do they know.

That Night

When we arrived at the big no huge house on our limo, yes I came in a limo. With my overly excited friends we got out and started to walk towards the house. Lilly said to me p"lease be nice to him, I know you understand who I'm talking about. I need you to be nice please for us just this one night!!!!" "Okay fine." I don't want to but if it makes my friends happy than I will. Oh by the way Lilly is head over heels in love with Liam and Haley is head over heels in love with Zayn. I don't want to wreck their chances with them they would kill me. LITERALLY KILL ME PROBABLY!

Once we got inside I was greeted with a hi from many people. But what I was really looking for was some stairs to go up I need to find my hiding spot. But first I need a drink. I found my way to the kitchen and grabbed two beers from the cooler. I think I saw some stairs on my way over. I make my way back to where I think the stairs are and as I thought there are the stairs. I climbed up them to find a nice and quiet floor no music or drunken teenagers just me myself and I. I saw a room the door was open so I went in it was a huge room with a double bed and a balcony. Yes a balcony. The absolute perfect hiding place. SCORE! I opened the balcony doors and went out on the balcony was a set with three lounging chairs and a small table with a hole in the centre hat was made to be a cooler. I walked over to one of the chairs and sat down with my beers opened one and relaxed. I knew no one would look for me until it was time to leave so I was safe. After I don't know how much time. I had already finished my beers and had gotten three more (i don't get drunk easily) I heard footsteps coming up the stairs I'm not really worried it's probably someone going to the bathroom. What if it's Niall! What if tries to hurts me? Oh shit what do I do? Wait Lilly said he likes me maybe he won't hurt me. What if I'm just being silly it's probably not even him. I giggle to myself. Then the person stops and I hear it coming closer (yes I said it) omg it's going to see me! I slowly look towards the door and see Harry styles standing in the doorway looking at me like I have three heads so I say " what. Does it look like I have three eyes or are you just starring at my pure ugliness?"

He smiles and said "I'm just amazed that such a beautiful girls like you is taking all my beer and not even going to the party that she would be drooled over by every guy because she has a gorgeous smile and beautiful hair and am amazing smell... Ok that was really cheesy."

"Um ya I sorta was but that's ok. It was sorta cute to when u realized what you said your face turned bright red and you had this look like omg did I just say that aloud. It was cute and funny at the same time. And I'm talking to much u do that when I'm.. Not that you make me nervous. I mean I don't even really know anything about you I don't watch X factor so I haven't really heard you guys sing either. Oh and with the talking again. I'm just going to shut up now. Ok I'm done." Oh shot that was so bad why did I say that.

We both laughed and he said "it's ok I do it to." For the rest of the night we talked about everything and anything until it was really late and we had to go home because everyone else already went home so all five if the boys stood at the door Zayn and Liam went out to the car with Lilly and Haley. I said bye to Louis. Then I said bye to Harry and we kissed yes we kissed he kissed me. Then I went to the door and said bye to Niall who said "bye hot ass!" That was it that set me off I was just about to burst into years when I heard a loud BOOM! Harry punched Niall on the face and then he walked me outside as we were walking he told me not to listen to Niall. He put me in the car and gave me a kiss.

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