Dont Kiss and Tell

"Well who is it? Who do u love more because I know you love both boys!" Lilly said " I love harry more. I will never love Niall he was a jerk to me and just because he was nice to me for a few weeks doesn't change anything." " I know you love Niall and Harry don't deny it."


4. Does She Really Like Me?


"I have to go out tonight sorry Erin. But I do have am important job for you. You. An open the door when Liam comes. Please."I smiled as sweetly as I could

"Okay. I guess it's better than nothing, but you have to let me sleep over." She wants to sleep over ok!

"You can sleep over but u will probably be home late. You'll have to wait." With that I went upstairs to get ready Liam is picking me up in an hour. I had a shower then got dressed I'm wearing a dress that has a black sparkly top and a turquoise skirt that is short in the front and long in the back. My shoes are black lace high heels that lace up and a clutch that matched the top if my dress. For makeup I'm wearing blue eyeshadow and blue liner with black mascara. I have my hair curled and three brackets silver, black, grey.


"I have a date with Lilly tonight. Have you asked Erin out yet?"

"Very casual dude. But no I haven't I don't know if she likes me. I mean she made me give her my number so that she didn't have to wait and then she didn't text me for like three days. What the fuck. I thought she liked me but does she really like me? Or was it just a lie." God Harry really like this girl he usually fogeys about girls that turn him down on the first night but not this one. Erin like makes him speechless last week Lilly came over and she brought Erin of course Harry was here and he was like fumbling for words and he couldn't talk usually he's such a smooth talker.

"thank you it was very casual. But I have to go get ready for my date. You should really ask her out I saw the way she was looking at you."

"Thanks man. Have fun tonight."


Yes I'm alone. Maybe I should invite Erin over. I'll ask Liam. I called Liam and he wandered after the first ring and I asked if Erin could come over he said yes so I texted Erin

(E=Erin H=Harry)

H- hey wanna come to Liam's

E- sure when should I come over

H- whenever

E- kk cya soon

Soon she was here knocking on the door. I ran over and answered.

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