Maria Jones

Hi my name is Maria Jones. This is just an ordinary story about me.


1. Meeting Maria (and Caitlyn)

A loud BANG woke me from my sleep. I opened my eyes groggily and yawned. Gently, I kicked my blankets off of my bed. I stood and walked over to my mirror.

The reflection looking back at me had long brown hair that reached their back and ice blue eyes. I ran a hand through my hair to brush it slightly. I looked down at my attire. I had slept in my Hogwarts t-shirt, my brother got me it for my birthday.

After a few minutes I walked downstairs. "Look what crawled out of the depths of hell" Darren, my brother, sneered. I gave him a dirty look before sitting at the table and beginning to eat an apple.

He looked at me sadly and sighed. "What's up Maria?" He asked me. I shook my head gently. "Nothin'" I replied. We sat in silence for sometime and then he stood. "Well have fun here today short-stuff. I have to go to work" he smiled and ruffled my hair before leaving.

You see, I live with my brother because our mum died just after I was born and our dad left after finding out about me. We had been in foster homes and orphanages, but once Darren was of age to care for me, he found us a house and we began to live together just the two of us. He was the best brother anyone could ask for and I was just his silly little sister.

I sat for some time after he left. Once I thought for a few moments I got up to actually be productive. I walked back up to my room, hopped in the shower and got changed. I chose a figure fitting, purple tank top and some black shorts.

When that was finished I sat down at my computer and opened Skype. I scrolled through my contacts until I found who I was looking for, Caitlyn Brandon. I clicked call and waited for her to pick up. When she did her face came onto my screen, her golden, blonde, curly locks cascaded down her back and her emerald green eyes shone with happiness.

"Morning, beautiful" her Australian accent moved through my speakers. "Goodnight gorgeous" I smiled. "I still wonder why you stay up just to talk to me" I shake my head and laugh. "Because, I love you" she giggled. I rolled my eyes, this was our general conversation, as we had been best friends for over three years. We talked about anything until her mum called her and told her to sleep.

With that I decided a nap was in order. So I slunk over to my bed and fell on top of it. It didn't take long before I fell asleep.

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