My Dream


2. Wedding Planning


The next day I drive to Thomas mother house  to plan the wedding . I go into the house I 'say Jessica I'm here  " she repiled "Ill meet you in the living room im just making coffee." I go into the living and I  sit down in the living room . A few second later Thomas mom comes and she asking all these question  like

When are you going to have your wedding?

Where are you going to have your wedding?

Who is  going to be your maid of Honor ?

Who is going to be your brids maids?

What color is going to be your wedding dress going to be  ?

What color are the brids maids dresses going to be ?

There was question after question until I said" Jessica we still have time to plan this wedding ." After saying that she got up from her seat then she said" You know where going to the the bridal store so we can pick out of a wedding dress."


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