Look After You

"There's not much time." He croaked, his voice raspy and faint. I watched in horror as the life drained from his pale face. He was dying. My best friend was dying.
He groaned and looked at me pleadingly. "I'm all she has left. If I'm gone she has no one. Please Lou. Please. I need you to take care of her."
I gave him a faint smile, a tear rushing down my cheek. "I will."
My best friend gave me one last hopeful look as the blood continued to flow from his chest. "I need you to promise to protect her. Keep her away from the rest of your band. Protect her like she's your little sister."
I sighed and bowed my head, trying to hide my devastated face. "I promise."


5. Time to Go

After the funeral, a little over a week later, Louis took me back to my house. I didn't exactly know what to do. With Ross gone, the home was empty. I hated it. Almost as much as I hated the fact that Jackie didn't show up to the funeral. She didn't even call or write the past week. It was okay for her though, she had a husband and a family. I had nothing but an empty house and a boy that dislikes me.

"Are you okay?" Louis asked for the millionth time. He hobbled in on his countries, worry plastered on his tired face. He had stayed with me ever since he left the hospital, afraid to leave me alone.

I sighed. "I'm fine."

Louis smiled lightly and sat down next to me. "I need to talk to you."

I nodded my head slowly, trying not to look at his gorgeous eyes. Wait, gorgeous? No, Saige shut up.

"I have to go back on tour Tuesday. I need you to come with me. I'll help you pack the next two days." It came out as more of a command then a suggestion.

"What about after your tour? Where will I go?" I asked. He sighed and patted my leg.

"After tour you'll come home with me. Your my responsibility now."

I exhaled slowly. "Fine. I honestly don't want to be in this house any longer than I have to."

"Let's get packing then. We'll pack enough for the tour and when it's over we will come and get the rest." Louis stood up and grabbed my hand, pulling me off the couch I had sat on for the past three hours.

"Everything will be okay." He cooed. I rolled my eyes. I wish I believed him.

By the time Tuesday came around, I was already packed for the next four months, and sitting outside at seven thirty. All my luggage had already been escorted to the private jet, so all I had was a small sling bag. Harry came to pick me up, considering I told Louis to go back to the hotel to get ready. I was surprised to see him with a motorcycle.

"Hi." I said eyeing his motorcycle. He laughed and tossed me a helmet.

"Thought my last day in London should be adventurous." Harry gave me a wink as I climbed on the back, gripping his waist as the bike jolted to life. The strong wind whipped my hair all over my neck and helmet, causing Harry to chuckle.

"Never been on one?" Harry yelled. I whimpered as the speed accelerated, my arms holding on tighter to Harry.

We arrived at the airport ten minutes later. I'm surprised we didn't get pulled over because Harry was speeding and went through four red lights. I guess that's a perk when your famous.

"Fun?" Harry questioned helping me off the bike. I rolled my eyes and followed him through the glass doors. The airport was mostly empty, only a few people sitting in the lobby. Amongst them were the rest of the lads. Eyeing me, they all stood, giving me sympathetic looks. If there was one thing I hated it was pity. There's no need for someone to feel bad for me, it's not like they have to deal with it.

"The jet is here. We better get going." Liam stated. I nodded and followed him down a tunnel, the boys trailing behind. A lady waited at the end, her hazel eyes grazing me up and down as she took my bag for me.

"Is this luxury?" I joked sitting down in one of the reclining seats. The plane was narrow, yet the seats were huge, each having their own table and window.

The guys filed in, each taking their own seat. In the end, Louis was across from me and Niall behind. I couldn't help but notice Louis' deadly stare as Niall started to chat with me.

"Is there something wrong Tomlinson?" I questioned snapping my head in his direction.

He rolled his eyes and turned around to Zayn.

"What's his problem?" I asked Niall.

He shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know. Maybe he's just tired and moody."

I sighed.

"Want to play a game?" Harry asked from behind Niall. "Truth or dare?"

"Sure." I agreed sitting on the ground with him. The rest of the boys sat down as well, forming a circle in the narrow isle. Liam grabbed an empty soda bottle and placed it in the middle.

"Who wants to go first?" He asked. Harry raised his hand and soon his large hand was on the bottle, spinning it. I watched as it landed on me. He smirked.

"Truth or dare?"

I thought for a moment. If I say truth I'm a coward, but if I say dare I have no idea what Harry will make me do. "Truth."

"Are you a virgin?"

I coughed awkwardly. "Yes."

"Interesting." Harry smirked. Louis visibly tensed.

"Okay." Niall cleared his throat. "Saige, spin the bottle."

I spun it and it landed on Niall. He blushed.

"Okay Niall, truth or dare?"


I thought for a moment. "Are you a virgin?"

Niall blushed more. "Yes."

I felt terrible as I saw his embarrassed face. Maybe being a virgin at his age was insulting for him. So the game went on, each of taking weird dares and honest truths. For me it was boring, considering all my dares lacked and the truths were simple.

"Louis, truth or dare?" Zayn asked.


"Hmm" he hummed, tapping his finger on his chin. "I dare you to make out with Saige."

I almost choked on my water. Everyone stared at me, my coughing being extremely noticeable. Louis shrugged and slowly crawled over to me, eyeing my lips and nervous face.

"Louis." I warned as his forehead pressed against mine, his hot breath sending shivers up my spine. Without a word, he pressed his lips against mine, shoving his tongue into my mouth. I sat in shock as his hands entangled in my hair, pulling me closer to him, allowing more access to my mouth. I didn't kiss back, refusing to admit that Louis soft lips on mine felt perfect.

"Done." He said simply, crawling back to his spot. Hot tears started to well in my eyes as heat rushed to my cheeks. I stormed away to the small bathroom at the end of the plane, ignoring the shouts and pleas.

A rapid knock came from the closed door and I pressed my foot against it, causing the vibrations to run up my leg. "Please Saige. It was just a dare."

It wasn't Louis, it was Harry. I opened the door slowly, allowing Harry to walk in. The bathroom was barely big enough for the two of us so I had to sit on the sink to make room.

"Are you alright?" Harry asked. I shook my head, tears falling down my red cheeks.

"I just don't understand. I could barely cry when my brother died but now I can't stop crying over a make out session." I cried putting my head in my hands.

Harry sighed and wrapped his arms around my small figure. "It's okay. Sometimes the smallest things are the biggest things to your emotions."

I bit my lip. This wasn't small. Louis, the arrogant kid I've known since I was a little kid, kissed me. Not only that, it felt right. The way are lips molded perfectly together.

"I suppose." I sighed. "Thanks." I kissed his cheek lightly. He grinned and let go of me.



I'm unsure of which couple I like better. ;) Plus I need some ship names, cause, why not? Thank you.

I love you to the moon and back.


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