Look After You

"There's not much time." He croaked, his voice raspy and faint. I watched in horror as the life drained from his pale face. He was dying. My best friend was dying.
He groaned and looked at me pleadingly. "I'm all she has left. If I'm gone she has no one. Please Lou. Please. I need you to take care of her."
I gave him a faint smile, a tear rushing down my cheek. "I will."
My best friend gave me one last hopeful look as the blood continued to flow from his chest. "I need you to promise to protect her. Keep her away from the rest of your band. Protect her like she's your little sister."
I sighed and bowed my head, trying to hide my devastated face. "I promise."


8. Only You

I shot strait up, my heart and breath already accelerating. My breath got caught when I saw Louis' fearsome figure in the door. I brought the covers above Harry's head. No no no.

"Saige!" He yelled storming over to the bed. I crawled back to the head board, my face full of terror and breath short and rapid. "What the fuck?! I left you alone for barely an hour and you've already gotten into trouble?!"

I bit my trembling lip. Harry turned around, tossing the covers from his sleeping face. Shit.

Louis grabbed Harry, his fingernails digging into his neck. I watched in horror as he gasped desperately for air, his body being lifted out of the bed and into the wall.

"You asshole!" He screamed. "You slept with her?! How could you do that?!"

"Louis." Harry gasped pulling at Louis' hands around his throat. His green eyes seemed dull as they bulged from Harry's head. Without thinking, I grabbed Louis by the waist, desperately attempting to release his dreadful grip.

"Please Louis! Stop!" I sobbed yanking him harder. He didn't budge. I took a deep breath. Bye Louis. "It's not his fault! I asked him to sleep with me!"

Harry's body dropped to the ground, gasps and coughs coming from his chapped lips. I could visibly see the crescent indentations on his neck.

"You what?" Louis asked, his voice low and full of poison.

I bit my lip. "I kissed him first and I told him to."

Louis shook his head in disbelief, backing slowly away from his victim. "Why?"

"Because you were kissing another girl!" I screamed. Footsteps sounded from outside the door and soon the rest of the boys came in, fear in their eyes. Great.

Louis laughed, a mockingly terrible laugh. "Really? Who cares if I kissed another girl? It's not like we are together!"

Ouch. I knew we weren't a couple or anything like that but I didn't think he'd be so cruel about it. Tears stung my eyes as I stared down at the wood floor beneath me. "I just thought.."

"Thought what?" He chuckled. "That I liked you because I kissed you? That was pity."

"Your an asshole! Why would you do that to me?!" I yelled even though I already knew the answer.

"Maybe I wouldn't have had to if you didn't go feel sorry about your life and try and kill yourself!"

The air seemed to escape the room, all of it being caught it everyone's throat, including mine. Louis grinned wickedly knowing he'd pushed me too far.

"Saige?" Niall's broken voice called. "Is that true?"

I nodded slowly. Niall looked away, disappointment clear on his face.

"Your sickening!" I whimpered turning to Louis. "Are you happy now? Are you finally satisfied? I have nothing left to cause me happiness! Congratulations. You win."

Louis smirk faded. "Saige-" he reached for my arm and I jerked away harshly.

"Don't you dare fucking touch me! This was a mistake! Trusting you, kissing you, comforting you, it was all one big fucking mistake!"

"I'm sorry." He whispered attempting to grab my hand. I yanked away.

"Fuck you!"

Before I knew what I was doing I was storming past the boys, and down the stairs to the outside spring air. The sun had set, the bright blue sky being replaced with a dark blanket of twinkling lights of wonder and lost hope.

I just want to go home. Go back to London. I could live in the city and get a job. I could be happy. But how could I be happy without anyone?

I wasn't alone anymore. I was abandoned and betrayed. That was worse than living a life in solitude. But as much as I despised Louis, he's all I had left. My family is gone, and I don't chose to make friends. Without him, I'm no one. Without him I wouldn't be walking down this cement sidewalk. I'd be dead, along with my happiness.

I sighed. Maybe I needed a caretaker. I was just a mess.

"Saige wait!"

I turned to see Louis running after me. I stopped walking, knowing there was no chance I could out run him. Soon, he was at my side, panting.

"Saige, I'm so sorry." He sighed. "That was a dick move."

"Go away Louis." I mumbled, the tears returning. He grabbed my chin, forcing me to face him.

"No. I'm sorry Saige. I really am. I was just so angry seeing you curled up in his arms. And then when you said you asked him to sleep with you I just flipped."

"You got angry? Louis you hate me!" I scoffed pulling away from him. Pain flashed in his eyes.

"How many times do I have to tell you Saige?!" He shouted. A group if girls by the entrance of the club glanced over at us. "I don't hate you!"

"You obviously are inconsiderate asshole than!" I fired back, pushing his chest. "You had no right to get angry at me for sleeping with someone! And then to choke Harry! And then humiliate me in front of them! You had no right!"

"I did! Your my responsibility now! I have to take care of you!"

I rolled my eyes. "It's my life not yours. I'm an adult. I don't need you."

He threw his hands up in disbelief but I could tell he was hurt. "I don't care. I made a promise."

"Whatever." I turned to walk away but he pulled me back. I wanted to push him away, push him far away, but I couldn't physically get myself to do it.

"I won't let you leave."

"Then tell me!" I wailed. "Tell me why your so cruel!"

"I wish it was me okay!" Louis shouted letting me go. Wow. That's not what I expected. Louis Tomlinson, the nightmare I've known my whole life, wanted to sleep with me? I must be imagining things.

"It's not fair." He continued, looking down. "Harry got to be your first and you barely know him. You've known me forever."

I stared at him stunned. I didn't know if I should be creeped out or flattered. Both.

"Louis, you hurt me. Trying to flirt is not going to change my anger towards you." I mumbled. He sighed.

"Okay, just don't leave. Please." Seeing Louis so desperate made me want to be sick.

"I won't." I don't exactly think I could promise such a thing. I can't promise him I wouldn't leave him, whether it be on a bus or in a casket.

"Can we go back to the hotel?" I asked grabbing his hand. He tensed in my touch, causing me to let go.

"Of course. I'll text the boys to meet us out here so we can leave."

He pulled out his phone and texted all the boys. I didn't know if I wanted to see the guys or not. The look on their faces, especially Niall's, was devastating. I'm no longer that lonely innocent girl they thought I was. I'm much worse.

"Saige, can I talk to you?" Niall asked as I reached my hotel room. He still seemed disappointed, his eyebrows furrowed and mouth shaped into a frown. I gave Louis a reassuring smile and followed Niall down the hall to his room.

"Saige? Why did you even attempt it?" Niall whispered sitting me on his bed. I sighed.

"Because Niall, I had no one left. No one."

He ran his fingers through his hair. "Please Saige. If you ever feel this way again, just come to me."

I grabbed his hand. "I will Niall. I promise."

He relaxed a little and squeezed my hand. "Why did Louis choke Harry?"

"Because I slept with him."

Niall chuckled lightly. "Why would you do that?"

"Because I was so mad because Louis kissed me and then kissed someone else the day after. I thought he actually cared. One minute he's willing to die for me and the next he's kissing some random girl!"

Niall's eyes went wide. Maybe I should've left out the death part. "Die for you?"

There was no way I'm escaping this one. "I went to the roof last night cause I wanted to, you know. He found me up there and when I refused to get down he got up on the ledge and said he'd go too." The words felt like vinegar escaping my lips.

Niall smiled lightly. "He cares about you."

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever. Can I sleep here, I really don't want to go back to my room?"

"Sure. I'll get you some clothes." He replayed walking over to his unpacked suitcase. I don't blame him for his untidiness, we were only staying for a week. Niall tossed me an oversized shirt and a pair of plaid boxers. I smiled and went into the bathroom to change.

"Have you talked to Harry?" Niall asked when I returned dressed in his oversized clothes.

"No" I sighed. "I feel terrible. Especially cause I didn't really have feelings for him."

Niall gave me a sympathetic look and patted the spot next to him. "It's alright. Harry doesn't fuck anyone he has feelings for anyway."

I frowned and curled up in the covers. "Yeah but that was my first time and I should've saved it with someone I loved. But instead I over reacted and got jealous."

Niall's body appeared next to mine, his hand forcing me to look at him. "Hey,"

I stared up at his caring blue eyes. I didn't deserve him or his considerate nature. I didn't deserve anyone.

He traced my cheekbone with his thumb. "Stop with those negative thoughts will you?"

I nodded and closed my eyes, Niall's smooth fingers on my tender skin sending me to a state of fatigue. Before I fell asleep, I felt his smooth lips press to my forehead. I smiled as he pulled me closer to him so my back was to his front.

Maybe I did deserve someone.

"Thank you." I whispered before finally dozing off.

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