Look After You

"There's not much time." He croaked, his voice raspy and faint. I watched in horror as the life drained from his pale face. He was dying. My best friend was dying.
He groaned and looked at me pleadingly. "I'm all she has left. If I'm gone she has no one. Please Lou. Please. I need you to take care of her."
I gave him a faint smile, a tear rushing down my cheek. "I will."
My best friend gave me one last hopeful look as the blood continued to flow from his chest. "I need you to promise to protect her. Keep her away from the rest of your band. Protect her like she's your little sister."
I sighed and bowed my head, trying to hide my devastated face. "I promise."


6. Let Me Go

"What are the rooms?" I asked pressing the up button on the elevator. The glass elevator moved slowly up, allowing access to the sight downstairs.

"Three rooms of two." Liam began pulling out three room key cards. "Me and Harry, Zayn and Niall, and you and Louis."

I sighed quietly. Couldn't I just be out with Niall or Harry? At least they enjoy my company.

The elevator jolted to a stop and we all got out, making our way quickly down the red carpeted hallway, searching for our room number. When I finally reached my oak door, I realized the other boys' rooms were on either side of me. I guess that's a plus.

"It's nice." Louis said as I opened the door. There were two beds and a large tv. Along the wall was a small kitchen area, with marble counters and a chrome fridge and stove. I smiled and threw my stuff down on one of the white beds.

"Are you feeling alright?" Louis asked sitting down on his bed.

"I'm fine."

He sighed and snuggled into his covers. "Well, get some rest, it's late and we have stuff to do tomorrow."

I nodded and took this time to text Jackie, maybe this time she'd answer. Just as I was about to push the messages icon, Jackie's name and picture popped up on the screen. I smiled and pushed answer, sneaking into the hallway so I didn't wake up Louis.


"Is this Saige?" It was a man's deep American voice. Tony.

"Yes. Tony where is Jackie?" I asked.

"She doesn't want to talk to you." He boomed.

I remained silent.

"From here on out, Jackie will no longer be in contact with you. She has better things to worry about. So don't call. Don't text. Don't write. Just don't." His voice was stern and tough. I nodded and hung up.

I let out a groan of frustration. She was all I had left. Ross is gone and Jackie was the only family I had left. I'm officially alone. If I wasn't before, I definitely am now.

I'm nothing and now I have no one left to hurt. I sighed and opened up the door that had stairs that led to the roof.

The air was calm, the wind blowing steadily through my hair. A great atmosphere.

I stepped to the edge, overlooking the area below. A couple cars zoomed by, their lights illuminating the dark street below. No one would care. I hoisted my self up on to the cement ledge.


I turned around to see Louis wobbling in his boot only in plaid pants. He was panting, sweat drizzling down his worried face.

"Go away Louis." I mumbled inching closer. He stepped closer, slowly, watching my movements carefully.

"Don't do this Saige." He stated taking another step.

"Just let me go Louis. I have nothing to live for anymore. I'm alone. I have no one." Tears wetted my cheeks.

"What would Ross think?" He asked stepping even closer.

I swallowed. "He can't think anymore. He's dead."

Louis visibly flinched. "What about Jackie?"

"She no longer wishes to speak to me." I sighed. Louis was only a few feet away from me at this point.

"What about the lads?"

"They can go on. They've only known me for a couple weeks." My toes dangled off the ledge, the cement feeling uncomfortable on my tender skin.

Louis was in arms reach. "What about me?"

"You hate me Louis. You won't care." I wailed.

"I don't hate you. I've never hated you." He protested. I turned back to the ground below.

"Fine." He said hoisting himself on the ledge next to me. "if you go I will too."

I looked at him stunned. "No Louis. You can't."

"I can if I want. If you die than I have nothing to live for." Louis grabbed my hand. "Are you sure?"

I shook my head and let out another sob. "I can't let you die."

Louis smiled and hopped down from the ledge, bringing me down slowly. Before I could get down, my foot slipped and my body was thrown over the side of the building. Louis grabbed my arm, my whole body shaking. I don't want to die.

"Don't worry." Louis groaned pulling me up. "I've got you."

Once I reached the surface, I almost collapsed right there, but Louis arms around my trembling body secured me.

"I've got you." He whispered. I nodded and bit my lip.

"Come on. Let's go to bed." He said guiding me down the stairs and to our room. I nodded and laid down on my bed. I felt two arms wrap around my trembling body and I flinched.

"It's alright, it's just me." Louis murmured in my ear. "I won't let anything happen to you."

I exhaled shakily. "Please don't leave me."

He kissed my cheek longingly. "Never."

I turned around to face him, our eyes meeting. Before I could comprehend, I crashed my lips on his, pulling him closer to me. He kissed back, our tongues fighting for dominance. Louis' hands traveled up the length of my body, going under my tank top and on my stomach. He rolled on top of me, his arms supporting his weight above me. I grabbed at his hair causing him to moan on my lips. His hands traveled down to the waistband of my shorts, his fingers moving along them temptingly.

"How was that?" He asked putting his forehead against mine. I kissed his lips sweetly.


He laughed and rolled back over to his original spot. "I'm glad."

"Thank you for earlier." I whispered.

He sighed. "Just never do that to me again."

I snuggled closer into him. "I won't, I have a reason not to know."



He smiled and kissed my forehead. "Promise?"


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