Russia's Death {Hetalia Short Story}

WARNING: If you are an undying fan (like me...) of Russia, then DO NOT read this! It will make you cry your eyes out (and probably hate me for the rest of my life...)
I wrote this because I posted an artwork of Russia's Death on Movellas, and someone asked if I were to write a fandom about it...and the person said my artwork was awesome, so I decided to write this as thanks XD
....The title speaks for itself, I guess...


1. The Battle...

I looked around at the chaos around me. Blood splattered on the ground and yells from soldiers filled the clearing, gun shots ringing out. I wipe blood off of my eyes; my long, heavy coat was slick with blood and torn from wounds, and even my scarf had blood on it. I suddenly feel arms tightly wrapped around my neck, pulling me backwards. The sudden blockage of my airways caused me to gag, but nevertheless, I easily pry my attacker's arms from my neck and I spin around, stabbing the soldier in the middle with my knife.
I look to see my commander, "Sir, our soldiers are dropping by the second, and we're surrounded! I don't know how long we'll be able to hold off!"
I grit my teeth, Prussia, you bastard… I thought in rage. The country, who was once allies with me, had led a surprise attack right at the center of my country. We sent a distress call to all of the other countries, but we don't know whether anyone's going to help…
"Alright…we will fall back to my house…"
"But, Russia-!"
I round on my commander, my violet eyes flashing with fire, "I am your leader, commander! And when I say we fall back, we fall back!"
The commander took a step back, eyes flashing warily, "Sir…are you…alright…?"
My eyes narrow, "Why are you always checking whether I'm sane or not?! Go and round up all of the live soldiers!"
"Yes sir!"
I watch my commander dash off, and then my purple eyes move toward the dark, cloudy sky, Some country…any country…please help us…
I hope my silent plea didn't land on deafened ears…
I then find myself scanning the clearing. Blood was everywhere, dead soldiers littered the ground - both Prussia's men and mine…but mostly my men. I was then hit by despair, like black hands curling around my heart, What did I do to deserve this…?
But I already knew the answer…
I was thought to be evil…a twofaced psychopath that only cared about killing. Apparently, even Prussia thought that also…
I prepared to surge back into battle, but I suddenly freeze. Out of the corner of my eye I catch dark blue. I turn, my violet eyes widening in horror when I see my little sister, Belarus, bleeding from multiple wounds. And standing over her was Prussia, his dark blue suit stained with blood. He raises a knife, ready to kill my little sister…
I surge forward, tackling Prussia. "NO!" I had my former ally pinned under me instantly, "You do NOT touch her!!!"
Blood flew as I furiously tear Prussia to pieces with my knife. I was so overwhelmed with rage that I didn't even know half of what I was doing! And when I stepped back, I see Prussia's mangled body below me. Not a speck of dark blue was on his suit, it was all stained with red. Wounds and bruises scored his whole body, and even his right arm was partially torn off. His whole body shook as he took in a ragged breath.
"I knew it…you really are a monster…*cough, cough* a demon from hell…."
A chuckle rises from my troat, "Heheh...It was your fault that you brought out the demon, Prussia."
A smirk suddenly forms on Prussia's face, "Then I'll just have to kill the demon!" he suddenly surges up, his own knife in his hand.
A bloodstained, pink scarf flies up into the air. I stagger back, pure shock in my eyes as blood flowed from a deep gash in my neck. Prussia wobbles, then he falls to his side, triumphant light filling his red eyes before it dies, his eyes closing and his body lying cold and still.
I wobble, my legs feeling like jello, but I try to stay on my feet. That thought failed, though, as my legs gave out and I fell to the ground. Belarus, who had her eyes tightly shut, slowly opens them, and immediately wished she hadn't. Her dark blue eyes widen in horror when she sees her big brother on the ground.
She leaps to her feet from her originally terrified, sitting position and she ran to my side.
"No….are you..? No! You can't be!!!"
Tears fell from Belarus's cheeks, mixing with bloodstains that covered her face. Suddenly, she hears a cough. She looks and sees my violet eyes shining at her. A small smile forms on my face.
"Heh…I guess this is the end for me, isn't it…?"
"No! Big brother, please hang on! …Please…."
My hand suddenly rises, cupping my little sister's cheek, "I love you…little sis…even if it seemed that I didn't love you at all…"
My voice came out ragged and hoarse, and I found it hard to breathe. I cough, tasting blood as it trails from my mouth to my chin.
"Tell…Ukraine…that I…love her….too…."
Belarus watches with tear-spilling eyes as her big brother's violet eyes flash with love before they glaze over and close…his hand falling from her cheek, and to the ground.
Meanwhile, Ukraine watched in confusion as Prussia's men suddenly started retreating. Suddenly, she hears her sister's heartbroken, greif filled shreik.
"No…NO!!! Russia, no you can't be dead! RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!"
Ukraine immediately ran over and is then frozen in horror. She sees her little brother's pink, bloodstained scarf lying on the ground. Then her gaze travels to his dead body. Belarus was on top of him, sobbing uncontrollably in his shoulder. Tears then broke out from Ukraine's eyes, trailing down her cheeks.
Russia…Ukraine's little brother and Belarus's older brother…was dead…

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