Howdy! -MyNamesChai FanFiction

Faith Maison has been subscribed to MyNamesChai since the very begining. She idolises the curly haired boy from Brighton and her dream is just to meet him.

This is about MyNamesChai. If you don't know who he is, search MyNamesChai on youtube... I recomend either his gaming channel (ChaiPlaysGames) where he has an amazing mnecraft series or his festival vlog.


7. Chapter 6

Faith's POV

I'm still trying to get my head round the fact I'm dating Charlie, Charlie fucking Cameron (Oh, that's Chai btw). We've been out on a few dates, a couple of fans go up to him and say hi and they actually recognise me and say I'm pretty and that, which is really cute. Whenever we were out we would just hold hands and that because PDA's aren't exactly cool in the public eye really when you have a hoard of fans on looking. I think the most affection we've given each other is a cuddle and he kissed me on the cheek when we were at the arcade and he got a teddy bear from those crane machines. He is so sweet and also quite childish at times but I don't mind, it allows me to let my hair down a bit when I'm not with Lewis.

"Hey, Faith, is Lewis allowed to watch Jurassic Park with me?" Chai asked, he was helping me today look after Lewis, he does that a lot now, I feel like I'm a downer on his love life having to make arrangements around my little brother.

"Ummmm... Sure, but not too close to bed time, like if it's still on when I've finished dinner then it has to go off. I don't want Lewis to get nightmares."

"Yeah sure. What is for dinner by the way?" Chai asked, god that guy is ALWAYS hungry, but it's cute.

"I was thinking burgers and chips, is that alright with you?"

​"As long as you don't give me food poisoning, I'm down for whatever, but burgers sound delicious. Come and join us in the lounge and watch Jurassic Park with us, you can leave dinner until the bit with the guy in the toilet." he grabbed my hand and dragged me into the lounge, I didn't get a say in this what so ever. In truth, I don't like Jurassic Park what so ever, I remember watching it when I was little and being terrified so I've avoided it like the plague. Well, at least this time I can talk out and start dinner or cuddle Chai instead.

"CHARWEEE!" Cried Lewis, he hadn't quite got the grasp of saying his 'l's properly but it's adorable "Has faith wet us was Jurassic Park? Pwease say she wet us, pwease pwease pwease!" He is always so happy when Chai is over, him and Chai are best buddies. There are times when Charlie offers to take him out and give me a break, he always takes him to the park and Lewis is zonked after that so he climbs into bed early, making it much easier on me. I do treat him like he's my son but because of this I don't want kids, and if I do I want to wait until I am much older with a stable job and income, I don't want to end up being like my mum, a widow with a million jobs just to keep the roof over our head.

The film wasn't as bad as I remembered it to be so I watched until about half way before I started on the food, I could hear squeals from Lewis and I peaked my head round the door to see him sitting on Chai's lap with Chai cuddling him tightly. 

When we sat down for dinner, the film wasn't quite over so I let him watch the rest while we ate on our knees, which is something I hate doing because of the mess... and our cream carpets. Chai was staying over tonight as well, so we were treating the event like a date night once Lewis was in bed, who demanded Chai read him a bedtime story, his favourite book, Where The Wild Things Are. He looks so peaceful when he sleeps, like nothing is bothering him, like nothing is wrong in his life. But everything is wrong, he lost his dad, his mum is never around and his sister is the only one that takes care of him. I closed the door slowly, leaving it open a tiny crack so that the landing's light shines into his room slightly, his biggest fear is the dark.

"Soooo.... What are we going to do?" Asked Chai, giving me a hug from behind. He towers over me, I'm so short. He places his head next to mine.

"I'm open to suggestions" I replied turning around to face him. He slides his hand over my cheek, one finger anchored behind my ear. Then he tilts his head down and kisses me sending a warm ache through my body. I wrap my hands around his arm, holding him there as long as I can. When he touches me, the hollowed-out feeling in my chest and stomach is not as noticeable, I temporarily forget about my dad, my mum, Lewis, everything. Only me and him matter in that moment. We kissed for a while longer before he pulled away, reluctantly.

"How about we get into our PJ's and then sit and watch TV"

"Sure, I'm down."

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