Howdy! -MyNamesChai FanFiction

Faith Maison has been subscribed to MyNamesChai since the very begining. She idolises the curly haired boy from Brighton and her dream is just to meet him.

This is about MyNamesChai. If you don't know who he is, search MyNamesChai on youtube... I recomend either his gaming channel (ChaiPlaysGames) where he has an amazing mnecraft series or his festival vlog.


6. Chapter 5

Faith's POV

We sat down in front of Chai's TV. Chai got the camera set up to film us while I got the Minecraft world up. I decided to look around his 'house' which looked much better in real life.

"Chai, who's going on 'The Wall of Awesome'?" I ask

"Umm... I have it written on that piece of paper there, next to the pizza box."

"Tanya Bowker?" I ask

"Yeah, her comment was really funny and witty... I mean who thought of calling one of the Mushroom Cows 'Burgundey' it was funny."

"You might not believe it, but that was me... I use a fake name on YouTube, I didn't want anyone at school or college to find out about my Vlogs..."

"That can't be possible!" He said in disbelief.

"Honestly, look at the channel, it's me!"

"Oh god, it is!" He said, watching my video's. Me cringing re-watching them. "Well, we just won't tell them it's you, as long as you don't give it away that it is you."

"I won't" I said

"Okay. Video starting in three, two, one..."

Chai's POV

"Howdy guys, my name is Chai and today I'm joined by the absolutely wonderful Faith. You may recognise her from a video on my main channel. I've decided to build, by popular request, a house for all my pets. This is just mainly so they have somewhere to stay and don't disappear and then get killed."

"Well at least, if they get killed, you'll know it wasn't your fault and they probably died of starvation."

"We also have pizza here so I wanted to build a pizza shrine coming off the current 'room of awesome', so then when that's filled up we can have another 'room of awesome' there... The pizza shrine idea has been prompted by me and Faith sharing some pizza's during this video so we will be taking it in turns to create the animal house and the pizza shrine."

The video was going to be pretty long. We didn't have to build a massive house for the animals but the pizza shrine was going to take a while. We spent about an hour filming, which means I would have to edit it later, but I don't mind. I just want to spend more time with Faith.

"How about we see how my video's doing that we filmed earlier." I suggested

"Why not?"

I clicked on video to see dozens of comments saying that we were a cute couple. One in particular caught my eye.

<< Look at the way Chai looks at Faith. It's so cute. They are so into each other. Just get together already! Chai, I'm talking to you! >>

Was it really that obvious I was into her? If it was that obvious why hasn't she said anything? I thought she liked me? Girls are confusing. No wonder I don't normally take an interest in them. I do like her though. I need to tell her, I have to.

"Look, Faith. I need to talk to you." I'm not sure if I was ready to tell her, but there's no backing away now.

Faith's POV

"Look, Faith. I need to talk to you." Now I was worried. Didn't he like me? Did he think I was boring in real life compared to when we talked online. Maybe he wants nothing to do with me... I was foolish to think he actually liked me. Him being really nice to me and filming video's with me was obviously for the fans, making them excited and interested.

"I understand completely. I think I'll just go." I said, grabbing my bag and heading towards the door.

"Where are you going?" He asked

"Home, I know when I'm unwanted." I said, tears forming in my eyes. How could I have been so stupid?

"You're not unwanted, I wanted to say that I like you." He said, grabbing my left wrist as I was about to exit his room.

"What did you say?" I said in disbelief, I thought I was hearing things. Chai can't like me, I'm boring and plain and not pretty what so ever. I'm a geek, I don't lead an interesting life, I'm boring as hell!

"I said I like you! I want you to be my girlfriend. Will you?" He asked, turning me round to look him in the eyes.

"Chai, you're making a mistake. You can't like me. I'm boring, you deserve so much better than me. I have a fan girl crush on you, you need to understand that. I do like you but you will be a victim. I'll torture you with me being a fan girl and..." He cut me off by putting his lips to mine. I stand on my tiptoes and wrap my arm around him. I press one hand between his shoulder blades and curl the other one around the back of his neck. I can feel his breaths against my palm, his body expanding and contracting.

He walks backwards, pulling me with him so I stumble. I stumble right out of my shoes. He sits on the edge of the bed and pulls me down so I'm on top of him.

He touches my face, covering my cheeks with his hands, sliding his fingertips down my neck, fitting his fingers to the slight curve of my hips.

I can't stop.

I fit my mouth to his, and he tastes like water and smalls like fresh air. I drag my hand from his neck to the small of his back, and pull it under his shirt. He kisses me harder. I pulled away even though I was enjoying it... a lot.

"Wow." I said

"So what do you say?" He asked.

"Of course! It's my dream!" I said, hugging him and resting my head in the crook of his neck. I can't believe how lucky I am right now.

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