Howdy! -MyNamesChai FanFiction

Faith Maison has been subscribed to MyNamesChai since the very begining. She idolises the curly haired boy from Brighton and her dream is just to meet him.

This is about MyNamesChai. If you don't know who he is, search MyNamesChai on youtube... I recomend either his gaming channel (ChaiPlaysGames) where he has an amazing mnecraft series or his festival vlog.


4. Chapter 3

Chai's POV

I arrived fifteen minutes early. I just couldn't wait any longer. I guess I could've ordered a Domino's Pizza but I just wanted to meet her. Taking out my phone, I continued my Vlog

Well, I'm now at Churchill Square Shopping Centre and I'm waiting for my friend. Okay, I don't know her name but we get along really well. Just some quick facts about her, she plays minecraft and yes we've multiplayed on Survival Games, she loves gaming and she lives really close to me. Lewes to be precise which is rediculously close! Oh and forgot to mention, she's a girl. Duh! You're probably going to be all like "Meetng someone online is risky Chai" or "Oh my god Chai, you met someone online! This is so going to be like CatFish", well I'm an adult and I am going to live with my life choices.

Just then I recieved a text. I stopped filming and read the message.

From: FaithfullyDevoted97

I'm almost there. I'll be there in less than 2 mins. Sorry I'm a bit early xx


I turned around and she was just entering the building. She looked stunning. Her 5 Seconds of Summer top flattered her figure and her legs were amazing. Long and flawless. She was wearing the glasses she wore in her profile picture and her hair was slightly messy, but she looked cute. I messaged her back.

To: FaithfullyDevoted97

I can see you... xx


I kept my head down and put my phone into my pocket. I couldn't wait to see her face when she saw it was me. I could see in my priphetal vision that she was walking towards me. This was going to be sweet.


Faith's POV

I saw him leaning up against a wall. He was looking down, perhaps he hadn't noticed me walking his way. When I had arrived to where he was standing, he still hadn't lifted his gaze from the ground.

"Hi, I'm Faith. I think you're expecting me." I said shyly. He lifted his head so I could see his face.

"Howdy, My name is Chai and today I'm going to hang out with you!" He said. Oh My God! Chai. Is here. And he's hanging out with me.

"No. No! NO! This is just a terrible dream. I'll wake up any second and when I do I will feel weird and empty inside."

"You're not dreaming." He said, gabbing hold of my arm. "Do you feel this?" He asked squeezing my skin lightly.

"Yeah." I said, not sure why he asked it.

"Well, you're not dreaming. I like your name by the way. Faith. A pretty name for a pretty face" He said, I cringed mentally and he did out loud "Damn it Chai! That was so cheesy! Why? Why?"

"It was sweet really." I said

"Do you mind if I vlog while wer're out. I know it's a bit anti-social but I think it would be cool."

"Yeah sure, I don't mind."

Chai's POV

I vlogged for a bit and we ended up just hanging around, sitting in Starbucks and mucking about. She is really easy to talk to. She seems to know everything about me, yet I know nothing about her.

"Anyway, I want to find out more about you." I said. "Shall we play favourites?"

"Okay, you start."

"Favourite song?" I asked

"Umm... probably 'Dangerous' by The Vamps." She replied

"I don't really have a favourite song... I like lot of music."

"Okay then, favourite food?"

"Pizza, obviously!"

"Um... Probably the same or pasta, especially if the sauce is homemade."

"Favourite Book?"

"Well, it's not one book but it's the Divergent Series by Veronica Roth."

"Mine's probably The Fault in Our Stars."

"That  brings a tear to my eye every time."

We carried on this for another half an hour, laughing and enjoying each others company. I really like her. We eventually left the Starbucks and we just wandered round for a bit. The only problem is, I wanted to ask her out but I couldn't pick the right moment. And the conversation was dropping as well. I only had one idea of how to make this better, but it depends on whether she is really that big of a fan...

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