Howdy! -MyNamesChai FanFiction

Faith Maison has been subscribed to MyNamesChai since the very begining. She idolises the curly haired boy from Brighton and her dream is just to meet him.

This is about MyNamesChai. If you don't know who he is, search MyNamesChai on youtube... I recomend either his gaming channel (ChaiPlaysGames) where he has an amazing mnecraft series or his festival vlog.


3. Chapter 2

Faith's POV

I've been talking to Howdy94 for a couple of weeks now and we get along really well. He's a laugh, we're so alike and we never have an awkward moment. He hasn't asked me out yet but we have been on Minecraft Survival Games together and we've had a laugh. My phone went off, I'd got a message. My heart lept when I saw it was him.

<< 1 new message >>

From: Howdy94

What are you doing? xx



Watching MyNameChai's latest Minecraft video. It's amazing. I really like him... not that I don't like you of course but if I met him it would make my day... No, hang on... it would be the best moment of my life! xx


From: Howdy94

Well, I was wondering if we could meet up at some point, I mean just us two... I really want to meet you. Where abouts do you live? xx


To: Howdy94

I live in Lewes, it's near Brighton. I would love to meet you as well. We would have to organise a time to meet up xx


From: Howdy94

I actually live in Brighton (small world huh?). We could meet later today. I mean I have nothing on and you said your mum has taken a couple of days off to give you a break from looking after Lewis xx


Chai's POV

I can't believe she lives so close to me. It's unbelievable. I can see her when I want (within reason), this has made me so happy. I also find it kinda cute she likes my YouTube channel. She doesn't know she's actually talking to me. It was adorable when she was trying not to offend me when she was saying how she would die happy if she met me. She's amazing. I really want her to be my girlfriend.


From: FaithfullyDevoted97

Of course I'll meet you! Anything to get out of this house! Shall I meet you at Churchill Square Shopping Centre. I'll be wearing a 5SOS Vest top with blue and white striped shorts xx


To: FaithfullyDevoted97

I can't wait! I'll be wearing a dark blue beenie and white top. I'll probably have my skateboard with me. How about we meet at half two? xx


From: FaithfullyDevoted97

Yeah sure. See you then xx


It's one o'clock now. That gives her an hour and a half to get here. I honestly couldn't wait... Time for a vlog I think...


Faith's POV

The train I need to get to be there on time is at seven past two, I'll get there a bit early but I don't mind. I'll be able to clear my head before meeting him... I don't even know his name! Well I guess I'll find out soon enough.

I decided to put on make up for once. Not loads, just a bit of eye liner and lip gloss, nothing major. I also styled my hair a bit, back combing it and teasing it so it had a bit more volume than usual. I sorted out my fringe and put on my nerd glasses.

One fourty five. I need to leave the house in ten minutes if I want to see him on time. I just saw on my twitter a new tweet had been posted

@MyNamesChai: Going out (shocker) to see someone, going to vlog at the same time. Upload soon X

I'm looking forward to that, I'll watch it as soon as I get back. His vlogs make my day. I always have a smile on my face when I watch them.

One fifty. might as well start to leave.

"Mum, I'm going out! Don't know when I'll be back. Remember, Lewis doesn't like peperoni or hawian pizza and will only eat pasta if it's his special Thomas the tank engine shaped pasta! Oh and he will eat anything if it is covered in ketchup!" I shouted when I arrived at the door. I slung my Galaxy Eastpack Backpack that I got from over my shoulder and walked out the house.

One fifty five. I'd better get a move on.

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