She is coming.

Until this day no one has ever tested their fate against Bloody Mary. Will you?


2. She is coming.

Day two:


Out of Naya, Caine and Bobbie, Caine had been the least worried about Bloody Mary, he thought it was a joke and the message, that Bobbie talked about must have been a prank to scare him.

He had gotten a message from Naya confessing that it wasn’t a prank, though he didn’t believe her. It had been at least two days since Naya, had called him and he was starting to get worried, and she was missing school today and also Bobbie was as well. Those girls might have actually believe the message, the thought made him chuckle.




He heard his name being called out but now one from the crowd of student seemed to have called him none of them were paying attention to him. Maybe he was losing his mind.

He walked toward to his locker and a tense feeling washed over him. Opening his locker had never made him tense like this but today, he felt tense, he even hesitated to open his locker. Sweat trickling from his hair.

He would have opened the locker by himself, if it hadn’t flashed open by itself and revealed a head. A head. Why is there a heard in my locker? Is this a joke?

It was no joke he realised as the turned around to face him and he was staring straight at a woman, with hollowed black eyes, and a pale face. Her face looked like it had had the meat sucked out of it and all was left was bone wrapped in skin. He felt sick.

“You called on me and you shall see, for you have toyed with Bloody Mary.”

There and then he realised that the joke that he and Naya and Bobbie pulled was no joke and that terrified him to his heart’s core. He jumped back at the sound of the voice, bursting through the school door and running away. If he had been observant he would have avoided being slammed by a wooden bat that put him to sleep, and as he drifted away, he saw the woman’s face again, with a smile that showed her teeth but never reached her mouth.

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