She is coming.

Until this day no one has ever tested their fate against Bloody Mary. Will you?


1. She is coming.

She is coming. In five days she was coming, whoever she was coming for, she was defiantly coming and if you weren't prepared, you would be killed.

Day one:


They had planned an ingenuous plan, the three thought. They would, escape, runaway and never be found by Bloody Mary. It was a quick and easy plan, it would work they thought, but quick and easy is never the way to go.

It had all started on the first night. Each of them in their own house, packing furiously, there nerves reading to explode any minute now. They had all thought it was a joke, contacting Bloody Mary. Never play with legends, because there is more to it than the mind can take.

Naya was walking down the stairs with a bag packed with clothes. Clothes that would only last a month or so. She took each step with precision being careful of her surroundings ever since that message, her mind has wanted to drown itself in despair and for fear to eat away at her heart.

She had reached the bottom of the stairs. She would leave her bags here; pretend she was going out when she was actually leaving. She reached for the doorknob into the dining room.

At first everything seemed to be normal her mom setting out the plates, her dad already seated down, ready to digest on some hot food and her brothers, helping their mum. It was too soon, she thought. It was all too soon. The message said five day, her mind screamed.

Her eyes widened with horror as she saw, the scene play out in front of her. Her mum, who had be setting the table, started to shriek. An ear piercing shriek, that made Naya want to kill her own mother herself. Her mother’s eyes had bugled out of their sockets, blood, oozing out of the sides; more blood trickled down her nose, her mouth. Her whole face was painted with blood. It seemed to Naya that her mother was choking and she wanted to reach to help, but she stood frozen. Cold as ice.

Her mum slammed her fist into her stomach, and ripped it out. The sight made Naya sick to her stomach, made her want to hurl out any food that had entered her mouth today. Her mum’s hands were full with blood, just like her face but now it had something more. Her intestines. The pink coloured gut was moving, like a worm. It moved out of her mother’s hand and wrapped itself around her mother’s neck, choking the soul of her. Her mother’s eyes faltered before losing their colour, her body slumped to the floor. Dead.

Naya looked at her other family mates and they were all seemed to face the same fate. Every one of them were about to face a horrible death and if Naya, didn’t get out of here she would probably die as well, but like before she was trapped. Stuck and had to watch her family’s death.

The fork that Naya’s dad held, jugged right into the middle of his head, causing her dad to yell out in pain. The knife he held slammed into in chest. His death was quick and instant and Naya was thankful for that, or so she thought.

A snapping sound resonated from her dad and Naya’s attention snapped back to him, his head was facing a completely different direction from before and it looked as if it was hanging lose from his body. Naya held her hand to her mouth to stop herself from gasping.

Naya now turned to her brothers, praying that they wouldn’t have to face the same death as her mum and dad, but when you play with the devil, it always come with a price.

A knife out of nowhere had stabbed her brothers in the back. They both yelped out in pain. There death was less gruesome and she was happy for that but that happiness suddenly turned to fear.

Before her brother’s body slumped to the floor they both stared at her, dead in the eye. A maniacal smirk spread along there face. They said in a hollowing voice, of voice that never sounded like the cheerful sound of her brothers.

“You called on me and you shall see, for you have toyed with Bloody Mary.”

If there was any better time to run, it was now. Naya grabbed her bag and shockingly she could move. She sprinted out of the house slamming the door shut, raced into the car before speeding away. Her mind whirled around in circles. Bloody Mary was coming and if they thought that the joke they pulled was funny it wasn’t so funny now. With her mind somewhere else, Naya didn’t notice the car speeding at her until she heard the sound. She turned her heard around and she was something usual. A woman, her hair draped down her face, a rumpled white gown on her small body, her face facing down. Bloody Mary. The head snapped up, scaring Naya all the way to the stars, the same maniacal grin her brothers had, so did Bloody Mary. The same shrieking sound that erupted from her mum’s mouth escaped Bloody Mary’s lips and never had Naya felt so scared.


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