I was always afraid of something; I felt it in my bones. But to actually be cornered like that, especially in a hallway, makes me more afraid than anything. Was he really going to hurt me? What exactly happens here and at the high school? I'm so...afraid. That is until he came around; the first time he spoke to me was protecting. It was nice...and when he kissed me? That definitely took me by surprise. But how far, exactly, will this go? Will my past ruin everything I have?


3. Chapter 3

Just before I can say another word, someone grabs him by the shoulder and knocks him to the ground. Judging by the loud smack, he got his face hit pretty hard. 
"Are you okay?" My eyes meet with Harry's. 
"What the hell?" I ask.
"Be careful next time. And stay away from him." What? I'm so confused.
"Harry!" My mouth talks before my brain can object.

"Hmm?" He says.
"What the hell just happened?" He takes a long pause and a deep breathe before coming near me. 
"Listen, all I know is Cody's bad news. He always goes after the newbies. Trust me, I know." I can tell he's being serious right now. "You should leave." 
"Um? Okay? Bye I guess?" I'm still kind of confused. Like what the actual fuck just happened? Was Cody going to rape me? Leaving the building and Harry behind, I run to my car where Vivienne is supposed to be waiting. When I don't see her standing by the car I decide to check the inside. My assumptions were correct; she was sitting in the passenger seat.

"Damn! I was getting worried you wouldn't come back." I decide then not to tell her what had happened. 
"Oh sorry. Mrs. White asked me a couple questions about the material and why I came back to the room." I lie.

"Oh, okay. You ready? Can we go to a cafe, I'm like starving." She asks.

"Yeah I guess." I say.

Vivienne and I end up deciding on Panera Bread. The whole drive was silent, except for the radio being on and occasional hums from Vivienne.

"Whose your boyfriend?" I blurt out. Honestly, I have no idea why I just said that.
"Zayn Malik" she says. "He's part of a crew." 
"Crew?" I ask.

"Yeah. It's his little friendship circle. Him and his friends are part of a surf team in the town next to Sacramento." Surf team? Is Harry part of the team?

"I know what your thinking," she says, "yes even though he has tattoos he can surf. Zayn just wants a scholarship to the best team in the nation."

"Oh." I manage to say. "Is uh, is ha-" Vivienne interrupts before I can finish.

"Yes, Val. Harry is on the team. As well as: Liam, Louis, and Niall."

"Cool." On the inside I'm laughing. This is gold for whatever Harry has to say to me next, I can just say something about surfing. 


Around 4pm, we both decide to get on the road again. Vivienne told me to just drop her back at her house. And I did just that. After we said our goodbyes, she got out and slammed the car door behind her. I pulled out of the driveway and headed home. I never imagined Harry being part of a surfing team, let alone a team of any sort. He must get a lot of money for what he does. Thinking about Harry makes my mind wonder to what happened earlier. I remember Harry saying that Cody was bad news and I should stay away; no need to tell me twice. Cody is such a creep! 
When I finally arrive at the apartment parking lot, all I can think about is school tomorrow. I turn my key in the lock and walk inside to find my mom yelling at Taylor. Ignoring them as best as I can, I walk straight into my room. As soon as I set my phone down, it beeps. I got text from...Vivienne. 

"Hey girl! There's a party going on tonight at Zayn'sYou should come!" -Vivi 

A party on Wednesday night? Well, I don't have much homework; I guess I can blow it off for now. With that said, I go to my closet and grab the best dress I have. I choose an all black, skinny strap, flow-type dress. The length goes just above my knees; for shoes I choose my black 3-inch heels. Time for makeup! I pull out 2 types of black mascara's, and black eye shadow with my medium/pale compact powder. I only like to put makeup on my face and eyes with no eyeliner. I found that I didn't really need eyeliner or lipgloss. 

After I finished putting my makeup on, I grabbed my phone and car keys and headed out the door. That is until my mother stopped me.

"Valerie! Where do you think you're going?" She shouts.

"I'm going to a friends house mother. Bye!" I shout back. I'm almost 18, she really needs to just let me do what I want.

"Oh really? No you're not-" Before she can say another word, I'm out the door. My parents are kind of used to this, with all the moving around, they don't really care much anymore. Probably because we move so much that me and Taylor have to find new friends to hang out with. Oh well, at least I have some kind of freedom, right?

On the way out of the Parking lot, I text Vivienne back and ask for the a address. Of course she replays back within seconds with the address included. Man, Zayn lives far! It's been 30 minutes of driving already.

Once I finally find his house, a good 45 minutes away, I park my car on his yard. Well, that's where at least 15 cars are parked. I get out and walk up to the house. Not caring to knock or ring the door bell, it is a party after all, I walk right inside. Sure enough, Vivienne is standing right next to Zayn with a drink in her hand. 
"Hey!" She spots me. 
"Hey!" I mimic her. 
"Want a drink?" She slurs. 
"Are you already drunk?" This is not going to be a good night.

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