I was always afraid of something; I felt it in my bones. But to actually be cornered like that, especially in a hallway, makes me more afraid than anything. Was he really going to hurt me? What exactly happens here and at the high school? I'm so...afraid. That is until he came around; the first time he spoke to me was protecting. It was nice...and when he kissed me? That definitely took me by surprise. But how far, exactly, will this go? Will my past ruin everything I have?


2. Chapter 2

The drive to the high school wasn't so bad. As soon as I entered through the doors to my first class, I could already tell I was late. Crap! When I made it to my homeroom, everyone stared at me; including Harry.

When our eyes met, he quickly blinked away and looked back down at his text book. I walk over to my teacher; whose name I think is Mr. Walker. 
"Ah, you must be Valerie Falcon. Why are you late?" 
"Just Val, and I-I got lost." I try to make up an excuse. 
"Hmm...well Ms. Falcon, you may sit right over there...next to-" he seems to have trouble with the students name. 
"Harry." Harry corrects. 
"It's Falcone- with an 'e'." I tell Mr. Walker. 
"Sorry and yes, next to Harry." I oblige and take the sit next to Harry. Throughout the rest of the period I try to avoid looking at him. I can tell he tries to do the same. Five minutes left of the period. Thank gosh! I don't think I can stand the tension in here any longer. Right as the bell rang, a piece of paper hit my arm and fell to the floor. I reached down to get it and looked up to see Harry smirking on his way out the door. Being me, I open the note and in his hand writing it says: "try not to run into me at school, you may or may not get hurt." -H 
Whatever. I think to myself. As I walk out of class, I decide to head to my locker and see if I can open it. If I can't open my damn locker then what's the point of trying to use it later on right? Just as I turn the corner, I run into someone. 
"Watch where you're going!" Someone says. For a second I thought it was Harry, but I looked up and saw it was a girl. She was just a little taller than me, blonde hair, hazel eyes. She looked pretty in a way. 
"Oh sorry! I didn't see you." I've been apologizing a lot lately for running into people! 
"I know. And it's alright." She chuckles.
"I'm Val." I tell her. "I recently moved here." 
"Oh! You're the new girl! Names Vivienne." She says. 
"Nice to meet you. By any chance, do you know where room 615 is?" This school seems huge compared to the one back home. 
"Yeah! I have that class next too! Want to walk together?" Vivienne asks. Why not? I might as well, it'll probably make it easier to get to classes if I have a friend to walk with right? 


As the day went on, I hardly saw Harry in the halls. I think he skipped the rest of his classes. Stop it Valerie! Stop thinking about him! My subconscious takes me out of my thoughts. Last class of the day: AP Chemistry. Honestly, why do we even need to learn chemistry? I mean when am I ever going to need it? I was about to turn the corner when I hear someone tell my name. 
"Val! Hey!" I turn around to see Vivienne waving at me. 
"Hey!" I smile back. 
"What class do you have next?" She asks. 
"AP Chem. Do you have that class next?" Hopefully she does, I really hate walking alone. 
"Yeah! Sure!" Wow, isn't she ecstatic today?
"Great. Oh and can I have your number?" Who know maybe we can hang out sometime.
"Sure, let's sit down first and then I can write it down for you." She says as we walk into the classroom.

By the time I start looking around for a place to sit, Vivienne had already found a table for the both of us. I place my backpack down by my chair only to find someone tapping there shoes.

"Can I help you?" I look up. Great. 
"Yeah, actually, you can by moving your bag. It's in the way." Harry snaps.

"Uh.." I look down at my bag; there's no way in hell it's in his way. "No it's not in the way. Maybe your in the way; there's another isle for you to walk down." Pointing to the next row over, I feel Harry's gaze burning into me.

Just as I'm about to look away and talk to Vivienne, Harry kicks my backpack-which crashes into my feet- and walks to the seat in the back. What the fuck?!? I look over at Vivienne, and she can't even say anything.

"What?" I question. 
"Nothing, it's just you know him?" She looks confused.
"No well, I ran into at the store, literally ran into him. Why?" I tell her. 
"Because he's the guy everyone wants." She seems surprised by my reaction. 
"Well maybe not everyone." And class begins. While the teacher is talking about the syllabus, I glance over my shoulder; and just as I suspected, my eyes meet with green ones, staring at me.


On the way out the doors from school, Vivienne rushes to my side and asks me for a ride home. Of course I was going to say yes; hell I even said she can come over! Her parents are working some she didn't want to be alone and obliged to my suggestion. After I pointed in the direction of my car, she told me to wait while she said Bye to her boyfriend. By the looks of it, her boyfriend is the one hugging and kissing her. Wow! He looks almost like Harry! Except he has brown hair smoothed and into a quiff style and a whole sleeve of tattoos. Behind him, is a blonde guy with a little less tattoos than him and another guy with brown hair, what looks like a carrot tattoo. What the hell? A carrot tattoo, really? Whatever. Before I can look away, someone exiting the building and heading straight for the guys catches my attention; Harry, followed by the last of their group, I'm guessing, is Liam I think his name is. I have AP Calculus with him. 
"What are you looking at?" Vivienne catches me by surprise.

"Oh, hey. You ready?" I ask, glaring off into the distance where the 5 boys are. 
"Yeah. Everything okay?" She seems concerned. 
"Yeah! Why?" I hope she didn't see me staring at them. 
"Just wondering" she smirks. 
"Crap! Be right back, I forgot my chemistry book inside." And with that, I leave her standing by my car.

How can I forget my book? I walk as quickly as I can and grab my book from the classroom. Before I reach the doors of the building, someone grabs my arm and jerks me to the side; making me hit the wall. 
"Ouch! What the hell!" I yell. 
"Shh. You know you're as pretty as I saw in 3rd period." The guy says. 
"Who the hell are you! Get off!" He's pinned me to the wall now. 
"Why? I like you. You're so feisty and cute when your made. The name is Cody." He says. 
Just before I can say another word, someone grabs him by the shoulder and knocks him to the ground. Judging by the loud smack, he got his face hit pretty hard. 
"Are you okay?" My eyes meet with Harry's. 
"What the hell?" I ask.
"Be careful next time. And stay away from him." What? I'm so confused.
"Harry!" My mouth talks before my brain can object.

"Hmm?" He says.
"What the hell just happened?" He takes a long pause and a deep breathe before coming near me.

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