I was always afraid of something; I felt it in my bones. But to actually be cornered like that, especially in a hallway, makes me more afraid than anything. Was he really going to hurt me? What exactly happens here and at the high school? I'm so...afraid. That is until he came around; the first time he spoke to me was protecting. It was nice...and when he kissed me? That definitely took me by surprise. But how far, exactly, will this go? Will my past ruin everything I have?


11. Chapter 11

When he gets up and walks out the door to the front door, I turn the light on and find his shirt. I can hear yelling out by the door. Putting on Niall's blue tank top, I head out to the living room. I can finally hear whose at the door and he doesn't sound too happy especially when his eyes find me almost naked in Niall's home. His eyes tell all I need to know...Niall is in deep shit.

"Harry?" I breathe. Harry steps beside Niall and over to me. 
"What the fucking hell is this!" He points at me and looks at Niall.

"Harry." I can't find words to say.

"Mate, you need to go." Niall glares.

"Harry, just stop. I thought you said to never talk to you again?" I spit.

"Yeah, but then I realized. You and nail are together right?" He smirks. This is not good. Whatever he is about to say is not going to be good.

"Of course you are. Niall kissed you right?" Harry looks at me. 
"How the hell did you know?" I say.

"I saw with my own fucking eyes. So when you left," Niall interrupts.

"Which you need to do now."

"Shut the hell up! Anyway, I knew you'd run to Niall so I came by to warn you." He says.

"Of what?" I'm starting to get worried.

"Harry, leave." Niall seems to be getting worried too.

"Make sure he doesn't ruin your life. He's done it before; he's ruined someone before. Isn't that right Niall?" What is he talking about.

"Oh like you did Harry? Oops, did isn't the right word...like you do to every girl you meet?" Niall remarks.

"At least I didn't get any of them pregnant!" He yells. My eyes are starting to get glassy.

"Harry! Enough!" I scream. "I thought you said you never wanted to see me again?" I spit.

"Whatever." He walks past me and almost out the door. I grab his arm and slap him right in the face.

"I swear to fucking god, if you ever come near me again I will call the cops. On you and your fucking denial of a cheap father." How dare he says that.

Tears stream down my face now and by the look he gives me, I can tell he didn't mean to say it. But he did and that's all it takes for Niall to step in and punch him right in the jaw.

"STOP IT!" I scream. "Harry just go! You've done enough damage." I try to sound tough. 
Niall holds the door open and Harry walks out. Niall closes the door and looks at me.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah. What did h-he mean by you getting someone p-pregnant-t." I stutter through tears.

"I don't think I should-" I silence him with my hand.
"Niall please. It's been a long day and I would like to get the pain over with." I look him dead in the eye.

"Okay. About three years ago, I was with this girl. We were dating for about two weeks. Before we broke up, we had sex. Unprotected sex." I gasp and look away.

He continues, "after we broke up, about two weeks later, she called me up and told me that she was pregnant."

"How old was she?" I ask.

"She...she was only fifteen." He gulps and tears are in his eyes.

"You ruined her life." I say looking back at him.
"I didn't mean to," a tear escapes his eye, "I know I did as soon a she told me. Of course I cared for her still, so I went to each doctor visit with her. I was there in the room when she decided to have an abortion." More tears run down his face.

"Oh." I say.

"However, her parents said no and she ended up going through the whole pregnancy in high school. Her parents moved away from my family with her. A few months later, she calls me and tells me bad news."

"Niall," I try to stop him from going on.

"She lost the baby. I was so distraught. I didn't know what to do." More tears and before I know it, he's sobbing.

I give him a hug and say, "it's alright."

"Sorry I'm crying. It's just, I never knew what it felt like to lose something so precious." I feel bad for the guy, but then again he got someone pregnant.

"I think I'm gonna take a shower." I break away from his embrace. When he tries to kiss me, I turn my head.

"I get it. I'm sorry." He says.

"I just need time to think and process all of this. I'm going to go to my car and grab some clothes okay." I pat his shoulder and walk toward the door.

Once I get out to my car, I see Harry's car is still here. Why doesn't he just leave me alone? Wait, the car is moving. More like jolting. As I walk past is, I see a girl on top of what looks like Harry. I can totally see he cares. Sarcasm. I decide to call him.

"Hello?" He says out of breath.

"Hey Harry, i think something is wrong with your car." I smirk and I see him push the girl off of him and he jolts up.

"I uh-" he tries to explain in a lie.

"Have fun!" I say. I fast walk to my car, opening the trunk. I open the box that says "clothes" on it. Yup, it's my clothes. I decide to grab the whole box and march back up the stairs. When I turn to look down at the parking lot, Harry's car is no longer parked in the spot it was just now. He probably ran off somewhere to mess with that whore in the car with him.

I enter Niall's apartment again. He just sits on the couch, hunched over.

"Niall?" I say.

"Huh?" He wipes his eyes an looks at me. "Sorry I was just-"

"Reliving it? I know what that feels like." I tell him. 
"Val, I don't want to mess anything up because of what I said." He says still holding my gaze.

"Niall, I know. It's alright, I'm alright." I kiss his forehead. He places his hands on the back of my thighs to bring me closer. He digs his head into my stomach, blowing 'bubbles' into it. I laugh.

"Stop. It tickles!" I scream cheerfully.

"Your so cute when you laugh!" He says. "I did not mean to say that out loud."

"Thanks." I laugh at him. "Now, I'll be in the shower." I turn around to walk away to the bathroom until Niall grabs my arm and pulls me down onto his lap. 
Looking in his eyes, he leans in and kisses me. I let him. The kiss deepens. Then he pulls away.

"I really like you Valerie." He says before kissing me again. 
I think I really like him too. I haven't liked someone this much since I saw the good side of Cody. 
I fall back onto the couch, Niall on top of me. The kiss ends up getting really deep. His tongue traces all over mine, as do I. It feels good to be independent for once; I feel free. 
His hands travel over my body and down to my pants. I feel his hands on my hips, I can feel him wanting me.

"N-Niall." I say in between kisses. "Stop-stop." I turn my head.

"Sorry. I know, I know. I-kind of-got carried-away." He pants.

"It's okay." I try to catch my breath, "I have to take-a shower." I remember.

"Alright." He says and gets up.

I kiss him one last time before running to the bathroom.

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