I was always afraid of something; I felt it in my bones. But to actually be cornered like that, especially in a hallway, makes me more afraid than anything. Was he really going to hurt me? What exactly happens here and at the high school? I'm so...afraid. That is until he came around; the first time he spoke to me was protecting. It was nice...and when he kissed me? That definitely took me by surprise. But how far, exactly, will this go? Will my past ruin everything I have?


10. Chapter 10

It seems like he knew what words to say to get me to back off. I hate him, so much. I stand, and leave. Never looking back, never thinking about turning back.

When I reach my car, I slam the door so hard I even scare myself. I turn the key in the ignition and drive.

Harry's POV

"Forget it. Just forget I ever kissed you. Just forget we ever met." I know these aren't the words I needed to say.

"Harry I-" she tries to say something but I can here her words; they'll only sting me more.

"No Val. Stop. Let things go back to how they were; me hating you and you hating me." I have to make her forget about me. "I should have never talked to you and I sure as hell should've never kissed you in my fucking car."

I knew this would hurt her. Given the short amount of time I've known her, I actually started to like her. But when she caught me talking to that bitch, Lexi, I freaked. I didn't want her to find out. I thought that if I just kept it to myself she wouldn't know and nothing like this would happen. Val threw my own phone at me! And that made me realize that she was slipping from me. So I had to let her go; I had to before anything else could happen. I knew that once I fucked up this time, there will always be fuck ups if I was ever to date her. Ha! Date...I have never dated someone since sixth grade. 
But when I saw the expression on her face, I knew my words cut her deeply; but I also knew that she wasn't around me enough to be totally crushed. I mean I saw her fucking making out with fucking Niall! that's right: I saw them! He went to go ask if she was okay and he made her fall into his trap...possibly. She's probably smart enough to realize he's bad news, well not bad enough to go behind her back and fuck someone. 
So anyway, I went to go say sorry to her but when I turned around they were sucking face. Fan-fucking-tastic. I turned back around and went to my car. All of the anger made my nose and lip throb to the point where I couldn't handle the pain; when I sat in my seat and closed the door, I lost it and my eyes betrayed me. When Val came to my car door, I was confused and I could see tear marks on her face. I wanted to make her feel better but I just couldn't; I knew she hated me. But now, now I feel like shit. Just giving up like that. But in a sense, it's for the better of the good right?

Val's POV

Driving down the interstate, I feel my phone vibrate. A number pops up on the screen.

"Hello?" I answer.

"Hey girl!" I recognize Niall's voice on the other end.
"Hey. How'd you get my number?" Seriously how?

"Vivienne gave it to me." He says cheerfully. 
"Oh. Right. What's up?" I ask.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go out tonight? To celebrate you being out of jail." He tells me.

"Um. I don't know. Is it just going to be me and you or?" I say.

"Me, you, Louis and Liam. Zayn can't go and I have no idea what Harry is doing. He kind of does his own thing when he wants." Perfect timing to say that.

"So I've heard." I remark.

"Right! Damn it! I'm sorry I shouldn't have-" I cut him off.

"Don't be sorry. And I would love to go out tonight." I smile even though he can't see. 
"Great! I'll pick you up around...seven?" Shoot. I don't live anywhere.

"Actually, can I come over right now? I don't have a place to live. Long story." I say.

"Yeah sure. I'll text you the address." We say our goodbyes and hang up.

Since I've been driving down the interstate, Niall doesn't live far. When I finally arrive at his place and park next to a white Pontiac, I can see Niall walking down the stairs. Immediately I get out and give him a hug.

"Hey you." He says into my hair.

"Hi." I breathe in his scent.

"So tell me what happened. Did your parents kick you out or something?" He starts to chuckle but quickly stops.

"Yeah that's actually what happened." I say bluntly.
"Okay. Well let's go inside and we could figure some things out, yeah?" He says in his Irish accent.

"Okay." I agree and follow him up the stairs and inside his apartment.

Inside, it's nice and spacious. There's a black couch sitting in the middle of the right wall and a television across from it. A white cushion chair seat thing sits between the TV and the couch. The kitchen has a lot of counter space and a microwave atop the stove. Niall snaps me out of my thoughts.

"Sorry for the mess." He says.

"What mess? It's spotless!" I say. It really is clean.

"I tried to clean it before you came." He blushes. 
"Awe how sweet of you." I tease.

"Yeah I guess. So what do you want to do? We have about three hours till seven so." He asks.

"Uh, whatever. I don't mind really." I bite my bottom lip. I think he sees because when I look at my feet, I see a growing bulge in his pants. I try not to smirk.

"Okay. Well..." He stares at my lips.

"Niall just freaking kiss me." And as soon as the words fall from my mouth, he obliges. His hands immediately cup my jaw. 
My hands wrap on the outside of his arm. I can feel his tongue begging for entrance. I tease him and then break away.

"What was that?" He seems sad.

"Can we go to the bedroom?" I ask.

"Yeah." He says. He follows me to the bedroom and takes off his shirt.

The room is dark when he closes the door, but I find his hands. His arms go to my waist and bring me closer to him. Our mouths collide again. This time, granting him entrance. All I can think about is kissing Niall and it distracts me from everything that happened today. I forget about Harry. Niall might me the person I need to keep forgetting. 
I feel Niall's hands move up my shirt. Before he can undo my bra, I stop his hands and just take off my shirt myself.

"Not yet." I breathe.

"Oh- sorry-" he says between pants.

We go back to making out and he walks over to the bed with me; never breaking the kiss. I know we've found the bed when I fall backward onto a mattress. We both giggle. My hands move to his buckle on his pants. He helps me and in a matter of seconds, his pants are on the floor. I try to undo the button on mine but the zipper gets stuck.

"Shit." I accidentally say out loud.

"Need help?" He laughs.

"Yes. Wait!" The zipper finally moves, "never mind." I giggle.

Our mouths move in sync this time, both of our bodies almost drenched in sweat. Then there's a knock at the door.

"You can get it." I pant.

"Fuck. Fine. Be right back." I nod even though he can't see me. 
When he gets up and walks out the door to the front door, I turn the light on and find his shirt. I can hear yelling out by the door. Putting on Niall's blue tank top, I head out to the living room. I can finally hear whose at the door and he doesn't sound too happy especially when his eyes find me almost naked in Niall's home. His eyes tell all I need to know...Niall is in deep shit.

"Harry?" I breathe.

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