I was always afraid of something; I felt it in my bones. But to actually be cornered like that, especially in a hallway, makes me more afraid than anything. Was he really going to hurt me? What exactly happens here and at the high school? I'm so...afraid. That is until he came around; the first time he spoke to me was protecting. It was nice...and when he kissed me? That definitely took me by surprise. But how far, exactly, will this go? Will my past ruin everything I have?


1. Chapter 1

Even though I'm new to this city, Sacramento seems like an easy place to get around. I live right by the water so the grocery store is only 3 miles away and the shopping centers are about 15 minutes from my apartment complex. My family and I just moved here; mostly because my dad received a job transfer just last month. We just got settled in about a week ago.
Taylor, my sister, and I are at Publix-the nearby grocery store I was talking about. I decided we needed to go while mom and dad "discussed"- more like freaked out- about our money situations and spending. It was a good idea at the time to just get out before things became chaotic.

"Are we almost done?!" Taylor whines. 
"Would you quit asking! Yes were almost done, just wait here while I go get a roll of paper towels and toilet paper." I told her. 
"Fine." She rolls her eyes. 
As I'm walking down the isle, of the grocery store, of paper towels and toilet paper I can't help but wonder why my parents always fight. Well, not always but it happens quite often. 
When I finally decide on a told of paper towels, I feel my phone start to vibrate in my pocket. Assuming it's Taylor telling me to hurry the f-up, I immediately spin around to walk out of the isle. That's when I bump into him. 
"Hey! Watch wear your fucking going will you?!" He drops his carrying basket and most of the items he had in it spills out.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry!" I bend down to help him only to have him shoe me away like a bug.

"I think you've done enough." He coldly says. That's when I look at him; and I mean really look at him. While he's putting his items back in his basket, I look at all, well most, of his features. I can tell he's nearly covered in tattoos by look of his arm: which has many tats on it. I also notice his curly, brown hair; and the way he's dressed: in all black. That's when he snaps me out of my thoughts, without turning around to look at me.

"Can I help you with something?" He states. 
"Uh, sorry no. I have to go, again I'm sorry." I stutter the words out and turn around to leave right when I hear him mutter words. I think he said, "I bet you are."

Once I get back to Taylor, I check my phone as she starts to rant to me on why I took so long. Really, it was only five minutes since I left her at the register with the cart.

"Could you have really taken any longer?" She says sarcastically. And my assumptions were correct; she did text me and told me to hurry up. 
"Well excuse me! I accidentally hit ran into someone on my way back. I helped him clean up his item." I told her. 
"You made someone drop their groceries!" She gasps.

"No! I accidentally ran into them and helped pick it up!" I say and someone behind me chuckles lightly; loud enough for me to her. As I turn around to see who it was, the same guy I bumped into was standing right behind me. 
"Can I help you?!" I spit, not literally. He only smirks and turns his head to grab a candy bar. 
"That's who you bumped into!" Taylor whispers to me. 
"Yes. Why?" I ask. 
"Nothing he's just hot!!" She says enthusiastically.

"I guess. Well, yeah he kinda is." I smile back. Just before we move up in line, I feel someone's breath near my ear. I turn my eyes in that direction right when he says: "by the way, I'm Harry and I am capable of hearing."

Deep down I know he is smirking.

The car ride home was silent. I was in my own thoughts as I drive down the road. I just can't stop thinking about that guy in Publix...what was his name? Harry? I'm pretty sure his name was Harry. He just seems so mysterious and independent. It makes me want to learn more. But I have a feeling getting to know Harry is going to be lots of trouble. Maybe more than I can afford. Just as long as I can stay away from him, maybe, just maybe I can stop thinking about him and his 'mysterious ness'. 
"Val!" Taylor snaps me out of my thoughts. 
"Huh?" I reply blankly and confused of what she said before.
"I said we missed the turn." I guess I hadn't realized it. 
"Oh thanks. I'll make a U-turn."

When we finally pull up to the house, Taylor gets out quickly and tries to run into the house; leaving me with the groceries. 
"Taylor!" I yell. 
"Damn it! I almost got away!" She laughs. 
"Don't use that kind of language." I snap. 
"What? Why not! You do all the time!" She spits back. 
"You're in middle school, that why! I'm nearly 18 Tay!" She really know how to piss me off. "Don't copy what I do!" I sternly say.

In the corner of my eye I see her flip me off. Instead of laughing or arguing about it, I drop a can of beans on her foot. 
"Ouch!" Taylor cries. 
"Karma's a bitch." I laugh.

Once we get inside the apartment, my parents help put the groceries away. An awkward silence fills the room until my dad speaks up. 
"So uh, your mother and I have decided that, Valerie, you will be going to high school tomorrow. And Taylor will start middle school on Friday." 
"What! Why does she get to start school in 2 days and I have to in the middle of the week?" This is so not fair! But of course the brat gets her way- Taylor has begged my parents to start school on Friday for nearly 2 weeks now. 
"That's just how it is. So like it or not, you're starting school tomorrow." He says to me. Directly to me. 
"Whatever." And I storm off to my room to unpack more boxes.


That night, I can't help but wonder if Harry will be at Sacramento High. Why do I keep thinking about him? I just want to get my senior year over with so I can get out of the house and off to collage and independency I go!

Once I wake up to my alarm clock, I lazily get out of bed and take a shower. Besides the shower running, I hear coffee cups clinking and my sister yelling at me to unlock the door so she can pee. I honestly don't care if she has to pee; there are 2 fudging bathrooms in this apartment. 
Use the other one! I think to myself.

After my shower, I get dressed in comfortable clothes: black sweats and a plain white V-neck shirt. Once my shoes are on, I grab my keys and head to my car, when my phone beeps from a missed call. Huh, I guess I had my silent mode on. Once I'm in the car 
I see the missed call was from my bestie Samantha. I'll call her later.

The drive to the high school wasn't so bad. As soon as I entered through the doors to my first class, I could already tell I was late. Crap! When I made it to my homeroom, everyone stared at me; including Harry.

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