That One Thing


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I searched the crowd frantically looking for Taylor's curly, brunette hair. I found her over at, what appeared to be, a bar on the third floor, flirting with some blonde guy with lots of piercings and tattoos- he kind of reminded me of Harry in a way. I pushed through the large crowd, finally making my way to Taylor.

"Taylor!" I yelled over the loud music. Taylor whipped around, a fizzled look on her face. I wrinkled my nose at her, the smell of hard liquor coming off her breath.

"Hey sista!" she slurred. Taylor was blinking furiously, barely able to walk. "This... is Niall... Niall, this is... uh, Maddie... Yeah. Maddie." Taylor leaned against the bar, giggling to herself.

Surprisingly enough, her friend Niall seemed completely sober even though he held a shot glass in his hand. He smiled at me, "Nice to meet you. I'm Niall." He had a sexy Irish accent caused a blush to rise up in my cheeks.

"Hey, I'm Maddie," I replied, allowing Niall to take ahold of my hand. He pressed his soft lips onto my skin and let it travel up to my wrist. I swallowed hard, feeling extremely self-conscious all of a sudden.

"Mads, what's that... on your neck?" Taylor stumbled over to me, taking ahold of my shoulder. She yanked me out of Niall's grip, peering at the area where Harry gave me the bite. Her eyes got wide and she looked at me, winking slightly. "Who gave... you this?"

"Some guy," I said in embarrassment, looking down. Taylor smirked at me, stumbling around slightly. Niall grabbed Taylor's arms, pulling her over to the bar stool. He sat her down carefully. Taylor rolled her head on Niall shoulder, her eyes glued to me.

"What'd he look like?" Taylor giggled, her hands clinging to Niall's bicep. She brought her face really close to Niall's neck, kissing it softly like Harry had done to me.

"Tall, piercing green eyes, curly brown hair," I said, blushing slightly at what he had said to me. "Taylor, I'm gonna head home. Okay?" Taylor nodded her head, her hands roaming Niall's body. I swallowed hard, turning the other way. I pushed past the people irritably, moving down the stairs. I scanned the room, searching for the front door. My eyes landed on a large, glass door. I could see the deck from the stairs. I began running towards it, so determined to finally get out of here- when somebody latched onto my forearm. I almost screamed as I was dragged into who-knows-where. The person shut the door and a light flickered on above us. A closet. The wacko locked me in a closet. For the first time, I looked at the person who had grabbed me. His piercing green eyes met mine, sending shivers up my spine.

"Hey sweetheart," his voice was stable, unlike Taylor's.

"W-What do you want H-Harry?" I stammered, scared out of my wits. Harry's curls rubbed against my forehead, both of our backs pressed against the walls. Why did he have to choose such a small closet to lock me in? I swallowed, waiting for him to reply.

"I just wanted to see if you missed me," his hot breath fanned my face.

I began breathing heavily, terrified of what he was gonna do to me this time. "I-uh-uh-"

"I saw you showing your friend my bite," Harry said, placing his hands on my waist. I started shaking, unable to speak. Harry rubbed the aching mark on my neck with his thumb, making the pain grow. I gasped, pressing even more against the wall, trying to put as much distance as possible between Harry and I. "I think I should give you another one..."

I shook my head frantically, "Please, no!"

"Hmm," Harry licked his lips, once more ducking his head under my chin. I squeezed my eyes shut, allowing a tear to stream down my face. Before Harry could start sucking, the closet door swung open, revealing Niall and a black haired boy, who- like Harry and Niall- had a bunch of tattoos and piercings. Harry abruptly pulled away from me, glaring at the two. "What the hell?"

The black haired boy rolled his eyes, crossing his arms across his chest, frowning at Harry disapprovingly. "We were wondering where you went, but it seems you got yourself a slut before we did."

I quickly slipped from Harry's grip and past the two men standing in front of the door way. "Bye babe. See you around," I heard Harry call. I quickly sped up, dashing towards the door, my only goal to get as far away as I could from Harry.


"Mum!" I yelled, slamming the door behind me. "I'm home!" The kitchen door swung open, revealing my mother, dressed in her favorite, purple night gown. She smiled warmly, her blonde hair falling down over her shoulders.

"Hey baby-girl... I thought you were staying over at Taylor's tonight?" Mum raised her eyebrow, tightening the rope around her night-gown.

I sighed, looking down at my feet. I rubbed the spot where Harry bit me, now covered by my turtle neck jacket. "Nah. Taylor brought me to some stupid party, so I left."

"Really? That sounds like fun," she shrugged her shoulders, leaning against the wall with a slight smile. I sighed. My mum had me when she was young- she was seventeen years old. She's not a slut or anything, her and my dad were just two kids in love and they decided to have sex after some dance. Unfortunately, my dad died a year after I was born, so I don't really remember much about him. But, even though she wasn't a slut, she was a party girl. That's what shocked everybody that I was such a goodie-goodie: I was the daughter of the school bad-boy and the school party-girl.

"Well, it wasn't," I sighed, looking down at my feet.

"Did you meet any cute boys there?" she smirked at me.

I rolled my eyes, "No, but some guy kept hitting on me. He was a weirdo."

"Was he cute?"

"Uh, sort of," I shrugged my shoulders.

My mum chuckled, turning to walk back into the kitchen. I paused, slowly turning to look in the mirror hanging on the wall next to me. I pulled down my turtle neck to get a look at the bite. It was large and turning purple. "Damn you Harry," I muttered before pulling the fabric back up so that nobody could see any signs of his teeth marks.

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