Paris Wish


2. Chapter 2

It was horrible. My room was dark and I couldn’t see a thing. Then, I felt it again. And again. And again. Each time hurt even more. Then, I gave up. I screamed, and then I fell off my bed and onto the floor.


I wake up to a light in my eyes. I squint, trying to figure out where I am. The walls are white and there are X-ray photos on the board across from me. I’m lying on a bed. A hospital bed. I hear sobbing and I look over at my mother crying in the corner. She sees me looking at her which makes her cry even more. What is happening?

A man in a white coat walks in. My doctor, Paul. He looks at me and sighs. He then whispers to my mother something I can’t quite make out and she nods, gets up and walks out of the room. Once she exits, I watch Paul walk over to the board where the X-ray photos are.

            “Do you know whose lungs these are?” Paul asks me. I shake my head, which makes me feel light-headed.

            “Your lungs.” He says. I’m confused. Why is there a black blob in my lungs?

            “What’s happening?” I croak. My throat is dry. ‘Water.. .’ I think. Paul sighs again.

            “You… You have cancer.” 


Editors Note:

Sorry for the short chapter and not posting soon enough but comment what you think:)

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