Kiss Me Kiss Me || L.H.

Charlotte is an eighteen year old girl who lives in London. She has four friends and they're all really close. Charlotte and her four friends do a lot of fun things together and they're going to 5 Seconds of Summer's concert. They're really excited!

They've been daydreaming about going to a concert since 5 Seconds of Summer started and the day is finally here, but something is about to happen to them, and they could've never thought of it. They did dream about it though, but dreams don't come true, right?

// In this story the tour starts later in the year so not on the official dates!


1. The Concert

Today is the day! 5 Seconds of Summer's Rock Out With Your Socks Out tour started last month and today is the day I'm attending their concert here in London! I'm really excited! I put on their CD and dance around in my room. "Turn it down!" my sister says while knocking on my door. I sigh and turn the volume down. Ugh. I hate my sister. She's three years older than me and bosses me around. She treats me like a little kid and I'm eighteen! I can take care of myself. Anyway I'm going to the city in a few minutes to meet up with four of my friends; Madeline, Anna, Serena and Ella. I look through for my closet for my 5SOS top and find it in one of the drawers. I put it on and also put my black skater skirt on. I grab my white converse and put them on. I brush my hair and put it in a ponytail. Suddenly I hear my phone ring. "Maddie?" "You are never going to believe this!" "What's up?" "The boys are currently is town, taking pics and shiz!" "No way!" "Yes way! I called the other girls and they're on their way." "Alrighty! I'll be there in a few minutes." I end the phone call and grab my bag. I throw my camera in it and go downstairs. "Bye mum." "Bye sweetie, have fun!" I put my phone in my pocket and start to run. I reach the smoothie bar we always hang out and see my friends. Serena takes my hand and together we walk toward screaming girls, standing all together. We laugh and join them, getting our phones out to take pictures. But I can't really see the boys. I hate being small! Just as I'm about to walk away I see a free spot. I quickly move forward and see the boys. I smile wide and start taking a few pictures. Then Ashton walks over to me and smiles. "Hi darling." he says and stands next to me. "Hi Ash!" I take the picture and Ashton gives me a hug. Then someone suddenly takes my phone and before I can say anything Luke is standing next to me, with my phone. He smiles at me and I smile back at him. "Ready for the pic?" he asks me. "Of course!" I say and we both smile at the camera. Luke takes the picture and gives me my phone back. "Are you coming to our concert tonight?" "I am, I'm so excited!" "We'll do our best then." he says and winks playfully. He gives me a tight hug and then lets me go again. "Good luck tonight." "Thanks love." We smile at each other and the next fan pulls him to her. When the boys are inside the girls all squeal and run over to me. "Were you flirting with the boys?" Anna asks, winking. "You totally were! Show us the pictures!" Ella says and I show them the pictures with Luke and Ashton. "You're so lucky." Ella says and smiles at me. "Let's go eat something." I say and laugh softly. The girls nod and we walk back to the smoothie bar. "Owen! Can I get a strawberry smoothie and a muffin, please?" "Of course Maddie! The same for you girls?" Owen asks us. "Yes, please!" we say at the same time. Owen laughs and starts making the smoothies. We sit down at a table outside and Serena smiles at me. "I'm so glad we're on front row, because Luke will totally notice you." "Shut up!" I say as I nudge her softly. We laugh and Owen brings us our smoothies and muffins. We all lift our smoothies and smile. "Here's to teenage memories!" I take a sip of my smoothie and smile at the girls. "I can't believe it's finally happening!" I say and smile wide. "Neither can I!" "Has everyone brought their cameras?" Anna asks. We all nod and show our cameras to each other. We sip at our smoothies and takes bites from our muffins. When we're finished we pay for everything and walk through town. "We should get sharpies to write on our shirts!" Serena says and looks at us, smiling. "Yes!" we say and get to a little shop. We each get a black sharpie and pay for them. We go outside and write on each other's shirt. We write messages and draw little pictures. We have a lot of fun and when we're finished we walk to the concert hall. There's already a queue and we quickly get in line. After about an hour we are inside.

"How amazing is this?!" Maddie asks as we walk to the front of the stage. "Crazy!" Anna says as she takes a picture of the stage. I take a picture too and some music starts playing. A few girls look up and realise is just random music. Serena and I laugh softly and sing along. The concert hall is packed up and the concert is probably starting soon. "Get you cameras out!" Ella says and we all get our cameras. "Okay girls..." Maddie says and we all smile. "Here's to teenage..." Suddenly the boys come running up the stage and everyone starts screaming. The girls and I smile wide and start taking pictures. They sing a few songs from their new album and it's amazing. We're really enjoying it and singing along with all the songs. When they're in the middle of a song Luke notices me and starts smiling wide. He winks at me and smiles, continuing to sing. I start blushing and my friends start cheering. "Char, he recognises you!" Serena says while jumping up and down. "You think so? I mean, maybe he does it more often." Serena stops jumping and looks at me. "You're crazy! He recognised you and now be happy!" Serena smiles at me and I smile back at her, laughing softly. After a few more songs the boys announce their last song of the night. "It went so fast!" Anna says as the song is over and the boys go off the stage. We all nod and I look around. Many people are leaving and jumping up and down. "I sound horrible right now." I say as the girls laugh. "No, you sound adorable!" Maddie says and giggles. "Shall we wait until it's a bit calmer?" Anna asks. "We should! There's no way we'll get through this crowd anyway." Ella says and gets her camera. "Look! I took an adorable pic of Ash!" she says and shows it to us. We all giggle and show each other our pictures. "I think we should go now." Serena says as the concert hall is almost empty. We nod and together we walk to the exit. "Wait!" someone suddenly says and we look around. Then we see a boy, running in our direction. "Who's that?" I ask as Serena shrugs lightly. The boy comes closer and then I see him. It's Luke. "Luke?" Anna asks, looking confused. "Hi girls, do you mind if I walk with you?" he asks and smiles. "Of course not. Come along." Maddie says, smiling wide. Ella smirks at me and nudges me softly, walking forward to walk with Anna. Maddie and Serena giggle, walking after them. I smile at Luke as we start to follow them. "So, did you enjoy the concert?" Luke asks, putting his hands in his pockets. "I loved it! It was amazing." I say and giggle softly. "I'm glad it was! I forgot to ask you something before the concert." "What is it?" "I would like to know your name." Luke says, laughing softly. "My name is Charlotte, Charlotte Jones." I say and Luke chuckles. "That's a beautiful name." he says and I blush lightly. "Do you guys mind going to Starbucks?" Serena asks, turning to face us. I look at Luke and smile. "I would love to go with you girls." he says and smiles at Serena. "Great!" she says as we all head into Starbucks. We all order what we want and wait for our names to be called. When we hear our names we get our stuff and sit down at the window. Luke sits next to me and smiles. "What did you think of the concert girls?" Luke asks, smiling. "It was awesome, you guys were so good!" Anna says and smiles. "Yes, I can't wait for another concert." Maddie says and we all laugh. We drink our coffees and eat our food. I get my wallet out and get some money. "What are you getting?" Luke asks me. "Just a chocolate muffin." "Have mine." he says and hands me half of his muffin. "No no, it's yours!" I say and smile. "Take it." I roll my eyes and smile, taking it from him. "Thank you." "No problem love." Luke says and smiles. When we're all finished we get up to go back home. "Is it okay if I walk you home?" Luke asks me, smiling. "Sure." I say, smiling back. I hug my friends and say goodbye. When my friends have gone to their houses Luke and I walk toward my house.

"When will I see you again?" Luke asks when we've reached my house. "Probably the next concert." I say as Luke chuckles. "I can't wait 'till then." he says and smiles. "I'm sure you can." "Nope. What about tomorrow?" "You're not going to give up, are you?" I ask, laughing softly. "Never." he says, smirking slightly. "Fine! You will see me again tomorrow." "Thank you ma'am." Luke says and chuckles. "I will be here, waiting for you to take you out for lunch." "That would be lovely." We both smile at each other. "Great. Sweet dreams, Charlotte." "See you tomorrow, Luke." I open my door and wave at him. He smiles and blows me a kiss. I laugh softly and shake my head, closing the door. I kick off my shoes and quietly go to the bathroom. I brush my teeth and check myself in the mirror. My cheeks have turned bright red. Oh gosh. Luke has seen me like this. Oh well, I hope I look better tomorrow. I wash my face and dry it. I go to my bedroom and change into my pyjamas. I get into bed and smile. Today has been amazing, like a dream.

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