Weird things

Amalie er en 19 årig pige der lige er flyttet hjemmefra. Hun kommer i store problemer, efter som hun lige har fundet kærligheden. Der er nu to personer som krydser hendes vej, den ene til det gode, den anden til det onde.

( Historien er på engelsk ) :D god fornøjelse med at læse den :D der kommer et kapitel hver dag! :)


1. Get Ready

Amalie's POV

Hello my name is Amalie! I'm 19 years old. I'm working at Starbucks in day time, and sometimes working as babysitter in night times.
I just moved out into an medium sized apartment, it got all that I need... A kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, a big living room and a guest room. My apartment is actually very big, beautiful and very modern.
My parents is very rich, because my father work as a business man. When I moved out, my parents got me a black BMW as a move out gift. They're so protective by the way!
I got a little brother named Andreas, he is two years younger than me. He died for one year ago. He got killed by a crazy, stupid man, I wish I could rip the head off ! The mysterious man only got 1 year in prison! He should at least get 1000000000 years in prison, if I could choose. I miss Andreas so much, we were so close to each other ! But that things happens, doesn't it ?? I don't hope it to happen to other peoples. ! It was the worst day I ever had! And I swear, if I ever is going to meet that person who killed my brother, I'm gonna beat the shit out of him ! He took my lovely brother away from me.
"Ring. Ring"...... Urghhhh! It's 8 in the morning, and someone just called me ?! I got up from bed, and took my iPhone and answered.
"Hello, WHO is calling me at this time? It's 8 in the morning?"i Said with a confuesed sound in my voice.
" Oh come on Amalie, it's me .. Christina? Your best friend you know ? But hey, i wanted to ask you something." Wait what? Is Christina calling me so early ? I hope it's important !
" Ok then spit it out! I don't have the hole day ??" I almost yelled in the phone.
" okay, okay! Look would you go with me to the club tonight ??" A little smile appeared on my face. It would be the first time I'm going to a "club" so hey why not ?
" Sounds good ! So let's say we'll meet at the club, I don't know... maybe at 8 PM ?"
" yeah ! Good then see ya." She said, and hung up the phone.
I lied my phone on my bed and walked out to the kitchen. Hmmm what am I going to eat for breakfast ? I opened the fridge and looked for some breakfast. There's not much, and I'm starving here !
I walked back to my bedroom, and took some light blue very tight jeans and a white t-shirt on. Then i got out to my bathroom and fixed my makeup, which was only mascara and a basic lipstick. I brushed my long blonde hair and got out to my kitchen, I grabbed my keys and got out to my car.
I arrived to the store after 2 minutes, because I don't got long from my apartment to the store. I walked in the store and grabbed a basket. I looked at my list to see what I was going to get. I'm not good to remember things like that so..... I got my things and ran out to my car. I hopped in and drove home.
Suddenly it hits me that i have nothing to wear tonight ! I hurried up and got my things in my apartment. I ran out to my car again and begin to drive slowly down the hallway.
I took my phone out of my pocket and got to Liam's contact and touched the call button.
"Come on Liam take it ! " Liam is my best "male" friend I got, he is so sweet and careful around people. And yes it's Liam Payne from the very popular boy band One Direction. I've known him since kindergarten, and we is still best friends. I enjoy every time I'm with him, he got a good sense of humour.
" Hello ?" Liam answered.
" Hey Liam ! I just thought if you would go to the mall with me? I need a drees, I'm going to the club with Christina tonight." I said and waited for an answer if he could go with me.
" I would love to ! It's been ages since we've been together." Liam said happily.
" Okay then I'm driving to your flat now to get you ok ? " I asked.
" Yeah ok, I'll be ready in a minute."
" Okay ill be at your house in 5 minutes !" I said with a big smile on my face.
"Ok see you then." Liam answered.
" Yup ..... bye." I said and hung up the phone, and speeded up.
Finally i arrived to Liam's house, he already stood in front of it. He got in, and I speeded up and changed the direction to the mall.
" So how are you." Liam asked with a little smile on his lips.
" I'm good actually, it was hard to move but yeah, it's all done. So I don't have to care about that anymore. How about you?" I said to him, without moving my eyes from the road.
" I'm great, thanks." He said and looked down into his lab. I looked at him, and he looked kind of sad.
" Hey, what's wrong? " I asked him, and he turned his eyes into mine. His mouth got a bit open and the closed again without saying a single word.
" Hey, come on you can tell me anything." I said to him with a little smile.
" Me a-a-and Daniella just b-b-broke up." He looked down on his lab again.
" Oh I'm so sorry Liam! What happened?" I said and looked at him with a sad face.
" We got into a really big fight. And then she took her things from my house and leaved it. " Liam said. And his eyes were being a little wet.
" Oh I'm sorry Liam, you two was so sweet together, you two was the cutest couple I've ever seen!" I said and tried to tear him up.
" Yeah... We was very cute together." He sighed and a little smile appeared on his face.
" We're here!" I said and hurried out of the car, so did Liam.
It's been 1 hour since we came to the mall, and it's already 2 PM. And I haven't find the perfect dress ...... Yet.
" Are you hungry?" Liam asked me with his eyes staring at me.
" Yes! I'm so hungry I could die!" I said and made a weird face.
" Then let's go to one of the fast food restaurants in here." Liam said and looked around to see where there were a restaurant.
" There !" He said and pointed at McDonald's.
" Ok then let's go." I said, and we began to walk over to the restaurant.
After we've eaten all the food we ordered, we both got up to pay a girl who worked in McD for the food.
" That will be ......" The girl said and looked up with her eyes wide open.
"What's wrong ?" I said and look confused at her.
" Is that the real Liam Payne from One Direction ?!" She said and her mouth hung wide open when Liam answered yes.
"Can I have your autograph?"
"Sure! " Liam got a small smile on his face. The girl handed him a pen and a piece of paper. Liam wrote the autograph, and gave it to the girl.
"Thank you so much!" She said with the biggest smile I've ever seen on her mouth.
"Okay, now you got his autograph, so can we pay now ? " I asked frustrated.
"You don't have to pay." She said and took some money from her pocket, and she lied the money's down in the cash.
" Wait what? You don't have to pay for us." Liam said and looked up at the girl.
"It's ok, I've meet one of my idols, so I wanted to give you a favour, since you are one of my hero's." She said and smiled.
"Then thank you so much .... Emmh ........" Liam said and looked at her name on her shirt.
"Sophia... Yeah thanks Sophia." Liam said when he founded her name on the shirt.
"No problem! " Sophia said with a big smile.
"Bye!" Me and Liam said while we walked out of McD.
"What did you wrote on that paper Sophia gave you? Because I saw it wasn't your name." I said when a smirk appeared on my mouth.
" It was my number, she looked sweet, and she was beautiful!." Liam said with a smirk.
" Hahahahahah'! That's my Liam!" I laughed my heart out. He looked at me and joined my laugh.
"Hey !!!! Liam see !" I almost yelled in his face, and pointed at a dress store with one of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen in the window.
" Where !?" He said and looked around.
"There ! In the window, the dark blue dress over there !" I said and he looked over to the window, where I was pointing over to.
"Wow that's a beautiful dress!" He said and smiled to me. I grabbed his hand, and ran over to the dress store named " Lucy's dresses ".
"Hey it hurts Amalie! " he said and I showed no emotions. We walked in the store, and I founded the dress in my size, and then I walked in a dressing room to try it on. Liam sat right in front of the dressing room and waited for me to get out.
"Liam I think the dress is too short for me." I yelled to him.
"Then come out, then I can see you."
I did what he said, and I walked out of the dressing room. I turned around a couple of times, just to show him the dress.
"It's not too short idiot! That dress look good on you!" He said with his mouth wide open. I smiled and realised, that the dress actually looked good on me, not to be selfish.
"Yeah thanks ! I think it's the one I'm gonna wear then." I smiled to him, then I walked in the dressing room again to take it off.
After I payed for the dress and we got out of the store, we decided to take home, because it was already 4 PM. We got in the car, and I drove Liam home.
When I got home, I decided to take a shower. I took all of my clothes off and walked in the shower. It was good to fell the warm water through my hair and on my body.
When I was done I stood out of the shower, and took a wheel to dry me with. When I was dry, I brushed my hair and teeth. I walked to my bedroom, and took my new sexy, short, dark blue dress on. It was really beautiful. I walked over to my mirror and fixed my makeup, which was mascara, smokey eyes, eyeliner, foundation and a pink lipstick. I fixed my hair too, so it was was hanging down with some curls at the end.

Hej !!! så hvad syntes i om det første kapitel ?!  Dette er min første movella så håber i kan lide den. Jeg vil prøve så godt jeg kan, at skrive et kapitel hver dag, men ikke bliv sur hvis jeg ikke gør. Jeg har jo lidt travlt her i sommerferien :D Skriv gerne jeres mening om bogen, og hvis du vil må du gerne LIKE og FAV denne bog :D    MVH 1D-Nialler ! <3 


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