When Stella goes on a trip to the Bahamas with her best friends Lara and Rhiannon what happens when they at their secret spot and five hot guys find them.
(Harry fan fic)


3. Exploring.

Niall's p.o.v

I woke up and checked the time on my phone 11:07 shit the lads and i where gonna go exploring today. I got up and went into Harry's room "oi Haz" i said shaking him trying to wake him up "hmmm what" he mubled " its nearly 10 past 11" i said "oh well i gues i better get up than" he replied "yeah i think so".

I went to call the others because they are in a different hotel room.
(L=Louis, N=Niall)

N=hey its Niall het ready its 10 past 11
L=oh ok i will wake up the lads and get ready meet out the front in 10
N=ok see ya then
L=k bye

I walked over to my closet and grabbed out my black board shorts and a white shirt i put that on and packed a bag for the day and chucked on my black and white nike's.

Harry's p.o.v

i jumped out of bed and put on my yellow board shorts and a black t-shirt with a black snap back on backwards with a pair of black and white nike airs.

We met the lads out the front "ok where are we going?", Zayn asked taking a sip of his red bull "uh i don't kno-, oh look theres a bush track over there why don't we follow it and see where it takes us" Liam suggested "yeah sounds great" Louis exclaimed.

Harry's p.o.v

We where walking along this track when we heard girls lauging and squealing and water splashing, we all stopped and looked at each other "well" i said smirking as we proceeded walking forwards. Less than a minute later we saw a hot pink mini convertible, nice i thought then we saw two girls in the water and a really hot girl jumping off a palm tree on a tire into the water. They looked up a saw us and the brunette whispered something to them and they started laughing.

Stella's p.o.v

We just had lunch and a drink and the girls where already back in the water so i got up on the tree i was about to jump off when i heard a noise in the bush but i ignored it and jumped in the water with the rope and tire. We where talking when Lara looked up so Rhiannon and i looked up to see the five hottest guys standing there looking straight at us. "danm the curly haired one is hot" i whispered to Lara and Rhiannon and we started laughing. We walked out of the water and got our towels "hey" i said to them "Hi" they all replied together "How did you guys find this place?", Rhiannon asked them "uh we found the track and decided to see where it went and we ended up here, oh and im Liam by the way", "oh okay well im Rhiannon, that's Lara and Stella" Rhiannon replied pointing to us "Im Louise and that's Niall", he said pointing to a really cute blonde guy "hey" he said "hey" we all replied " and that's Zayn and Harry", he said pointing to two guys. Harry that's his name he so hot man. "well do you guys mind if we hang out here for a while?" Zayn asked, "yeah sure that's fine" Lara said. I went and sat back down on my towel and had some watermelon.


i hope you guys are enjoying

~Zoe :)



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