Living with the Jackson Guys.

Brooklyn Miller (17) is an only child. She has no idea what it's like to have a brother or sister, that is until her mother gets into trouble. Brooklyn is forced to live with some of her 'mothers friends'. But little does she know that she'll be living with a family of 8 Jackson Boys. Now all Brooklyn has to do is learn how to live with these typical heartthrobs.


1. One.

"Hun. You can't stay mad at me forever." My mother said putting a hand on my shoulder.

I turned around and ignored her.

"What can I do to make it up to you?" 

I looked at her pathetically.

"Do you seriously think you'll be able to fix this? Mom you ruined everything."

"Not everything."

"Almost everything." 

She sighed and started walking away. I sat looking out of the window tears rolling down my cheeks. It's not her fault this is happening. One stupid mistake can ruin you're whole life. My mom stood and watched me. I felt myself run up and hug her tight.

"I'm going to miss you so much." She sobbed.

I didn't want to say anything. No matter how mad I was at her I could not leave knowing I didn't leave without a proper goodbye.

"Do you have everything packed?" 

I nodded and pointed towards my suitcases that were neatly stacked. I embraced her into another hug before we heard some knocks at the door. 

"That's probably Evelyn." She said breaking the hug.

I wiped away my tears and turned around to face the lady standing in my doorway.

"Hi you must be Brooklyn." Evelyn said with a smile.

"You must be Evelyn." I said smiling back.

I was suddenly hugging my 'mother'? No. Step Mom? No. What is she to me? Just Evelyn.

"Are you all set?" Evelyn asked with her smile.

I nodded and went to grab my bags. 

"Let me help." Evelyn said still smiling.

I was a little bit creeped out on how she is smiling… Will she always be like this?

I grabbed a couple of my suitcases and Evelyn grabbed the rest.

"Do you have everything?" My mother asked.

"I don't care about anything else besides Lu-lu." I said with a smile.

"Lu-lu?" Evelyn asked.

"My laptop." I said with a huge grin. 

My Laptop (Lu-lu) is my only expensive thing that I own. It took me years of savings and a lot go pleading. But when I got her I was ecstatic. No I'm not someone who gets everything I want, I actually earn it myself. My mother hardly had any money to get us food and we didn't have the best home. But I was grateful. I was living under a roof with a little bit of food. What more could you ask for? 

"Ah. I see. Well lets get going it's a long drive back." Evelyn said walking towards her car again with that smile of hers.

"I'm going to miss you." I said hugging my mom for the last time.

"I'm going to miss you more."

I smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"You behave."

"I will." I said smiling. 

I walked towards the car and when I opened the car door I stopped in my tracks and waved goodbye to my mom.

"Bye." I shouted.

"I love you." She shouted back.

I smiled and hopped into the car. Evelyn started reversing the car and I kept looking back at my mom until she was out of sight.

"I'm sorry that I have been smiling a lot. It's just great to have another girl in the house." Evelyn said cheerfully.

"What do you mean? Don't you already have kids?" I asked confused.

"Well yes I do. I have 8 boys. The Jackson boys." She said happily.

"8 boys?" I asked almost shouting.

"Yep. Seth, Matthew, Parker, Spencer, Calvin, Noah, Jace and Jesse." 

"Wait let me get this straight." I started trying to process everything she just said. "Im going to be living with 8 boys and no girls?" 

"Correct." She said looking over at me. "Is that a problem?"

"Urm. No." I said. "Will they get mad if I get their names mixed up? Because 8 boys is a lot." 

"I think you'll be safe for the first couple of weeks." Evelyn chuckled.

We drove up a long driveway and when we reached the end a huge house waited before us.

"You live here?" I said shocked.

"Yep. The one and only Jackson Mansion." She sang.

The house was huge. I looked around the property and there was nothing but paddocks. 

"This is beautiful." I said gobsmacked.

Evelyn smiled and stopped the car. I got out almost immediately and stood right in front of the house standing before me. 

"Mommy." I heard a little boy say.

I turned around to face Evelyn and I turned around to see a little boy around 4 years old in his mothers arms.

"Jesse this is Brooklyn." She said pointing to me.

"Ooo. Hi I Jesse and I am…" I watched Jesse in awe as he held up three fingers.

"I thought he was four." I giggled to myself.

"Jocelyn." Evelyn called.

Suddenly a lady walked out of the huge house and she made her way towards us. 

"Evening Evelyn." She greeted with a smile. "And you must be Brooklyn." She said looking at me.

I nodded and smiled.

"Could you please take Brooklyn's bags inside and show her to the rooms? Thanks darling." Evelyn said a smile still washed up on her face.

"She's very happy that you're here." Jocelyn said.

"Really? I just thought she was always this happy."

Jocelyn shook her head and grabbed my bags from the boot.

"I'll take them." I said.

"Take these two. I'll take the rest."

I obeyed what she said and grabbed the two bags that was still in the boot. I followed Jocelyn in to the huge house and I stopped in my place.

"Are you coming?" She asked.

"This is amazing."

"I know but let's go get you settled."

I nodded in agreement and we walked up some stairs and before I knew it I was standing in my new room.

"This. Is. Absolutely. Perfect." I said.

I was still in shock from everything that I have seen so far. 

"Brooklyn could you please come downstairs in five?" I heard Evelyn ask.

It sounded as she was right next to me. But she wasn't. 

"How did she do that?" I asked Jocelyn who was making her way out of my room.

"That is the intercom. You hold down one of these buttons and it corresponds to the room you would like. So if you would like to contact me at anytime hold down this button and just say what you wanna say." Jocelyn explained.

I walked over to it and smiled like an idiot. 

"Enough staring now go downstairs and meet the Jackson boys." 

I nodded and I followed Jocelyn downstairs into the kitchen. 

"Boy's downstairs now." Jocelyn said into the intercom.

I heard footsteps and and a lot of 'Yah's and 'Yes's'. All the boys piled into the kitchen one by one and I just stood there awkwardly.

"Where's Spencer?" Evelyn said angrily.

All the boys shrugged and she shook her head walking over to the intercom in the kitchen.

"Spencer Jacob Jackson. Get down here now." 

There was no sound that was heard. Only Evelyn sighing. I counted the number of boys 

"Well what are you boys waiting for? Introduce yourselves and then you can help yourself." Evelyn said pointing to the food on the counter.

"Hi I'm Jace and I'm 14 bye." A light brown haired boy said walking past me.

"Parker. 18." A tall masculine guy said patting my back.

"Calvin. 17 years." A dirty blonde haired guy said.

"Noah and I'm not hungry." A boy around Jace's age spoke before running away. 

"I'm sorry about him. He's shy." Evelyn shrugged.

I laughed before asking about the others.

"I thought you had 8 boys?" I asked.

"Ah yes. Well there should have been 5 today but Spencer didn't come down and you have already met Jesse. Also Matthew and Seth are living together in a apartment in town but they are coming to stay with us for a while soon and you'll see them then." Evelyn said smiling. 

I nodded when Jesse walked through the door.

"Mommy I wanna watch TV." Jesse whined.

"Brooklyn will you be a dear and watch TV with Jesse. Martin doesn't approve of Jesse being in the room alone."

"Yeah sure. Uh who's Martin?" I asked.

"My husband. You'll meet him tonight at dinner."

I nodded and started to follow Jesse to the room. 

"So what do you want to watch?" I asked taking a seat on the sofa as we reach the room. 

"Pokemon." He screamed.

I laughed.

"Well you have to get it working because I don't know anything to do with electronics." 

"Useless." He said and I laughed at his comment.

"Ooo what are we watching?" A very beautiful human asked walking in shirtless!!!!

"Pokemon." Jesse said with a huge grin.

I couldn't take my eyes of him he just looks so-

"Take a picture babe. It'll last longer." He said winking at me.

Not only was I caught off guard with his comment I found myself lying on the ground trying to hide my embarrassment… Let's just say I'm more humiliated by doing that.


A to the N

So I am planning on writing this. Please tell me what you think because I think it'll be good :D 


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