Dont let me go

Alicia Atkinson and Harry styles have been best friends since grade school, but ever since 'One Direction' they have grown apart. What happens when she runs into Lou and is invited on tour as the assistant stylist?


6. Chapter 6

Alicia's P. O. V.

I woke up, feeling two strong arms around me. I smiled at how peaceful he looked and I sat there for a moment admiring how much he had changed. His hairstyle had changed, he had more tattoos, he generally looked more mature. I carefully untangled myself, careful not to wake him. I stood up and went into the bathroom, turning on the water. I stepped in admiring the feeling of the warm water. I quickly washed my hair and stepped out, realising that I had no towel. I checked all the cupboards and draws but there was not one in sight. I opened the door just enough to stick my head out.

"Harry" I said.


"Harry" I said, getting much louder.

Once again, nothing.

I sighed. I'm going to have to leg it. I tiptoed out being as careful as I could. I silently got a towel and turned around, to see Harry's smirking face.

"Lovely ass you have there" he commented, winking playfully.

"You can't talk curly" I stated.

"Touché. Touché." He said as I walked into the bathroom.

I quickly got dressed and walked out to the kitchen to see Harry making what seemed to be pancakes. He placed two on a plate and pushed it towards me.

"Eat up!" He smiled.

"Thanks curly" I said, smiling back at him.

Once we had finished we decided to go over to liam and Nialls room. I told him to take a shower and once he had finished he walked out smelling amazing.

"Ready?" He asked.

I nodded. "Can I have a piggyback though?" I said batting my eyelashes.

He sighed before bending down as I climbed Onto his back. Harry knocked on the door. No reply. He tried once again. No reply. We decided that they must have gone somewhere so Harry turned towards Louis and Zayns door. He knocked somewhat loudly. No reply. He knocked once again, louder this time. Nothing. So we walked over to the girls room and once again, nothing. Harry carried me back to the room and placed me onto the couch.

"Thankyou my child." I stated, kissing his forehead.

"Alicia, dear. What is it that you are smoking?" He said, glanug at me.

"Oh nothing."

"Mmhmm" he mumbled unconvinced.

"What are we doing today?" I ask

"Whatever you want" he said.

"I hate decisions. You pick!" I frowned.

"We should make cookies" he smiled.

"Us. In a kitchen. Together. HAHAHAHA" I laughed.

"I'll have you know I was quite the baker back at the bakery" he pointed out. I sighed nodding.

"Let's get this partay started!" He screamed dancing around.

___________________________________________________sorry :( really crappy chapter :/ just a filler but I'll do another chapter tomorrow and it will get better!

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