Dont let me go

Alicia Atkinson and Harry styles have been best friends since grade school, but ever since 'One Direction' they have grown apart. What happens when she runs into Lou and is invited on tour as the assistant stylist?


5. Chapter 5

Harry's P. O. V.

Having Alicia here is great, but I haven't gotten to speak to her yet. I mean, I don't mind that the other boys want to talk to her, but I've missed her so so much and all I've said is 'hey' and 'I've missed you too'.

I decided to leave her asleep as the plane landing, not wanting her I freak out, although I didn't let go of her hand. Every few moments her grip on my hand would tighten slightly. Once the plane had landed I picked Alicia up bridal style, not wanting to wake her. I slipped her into the car, putting on her seatbelt, as I soon followed, sitting beside her, followed by Zayn. Chiara sat in the front and liam and Niall in the back.

"So Chiara, tell us about you?" I said, breaking the silence.

"Um, well I studied health and exercise science at college and I have to wait for 2 years to get into a local school, because there aren't any job openings until then. I currently work at Starbucks, I'm happily taken, my favourite colour is purple, I must admit, Alicia and I adore one direction, I'm a vegetarian, only I eat chicken and fish. Umm I don't know what else hahah" she laughed.

The boys all nodded.

"Tell me about yourselves" she said.

Liam spoke up first. "My name is liam payne. I am from England. I'm also happily taken, I have a fear of spoons, I love all three toy stories and I'm actually batman." He nodded causing us to laugh.

Louis spoke up next. "I'm Louis Tomlinson. Don't like carrots, I don't like you. My favourite colour is dark red. In a relationship. I love the movie Grease. And by night I'm Superman." He said casually and we all laughed.

"I'm niall horan. I like food. A lot. I like to drink, but I don't get drunk often. My favourite colour is green. I'm single. And I'm really hungry. Lou can we get some food?" He whined and we all giggled.

"I'm Harry. I like tacos, and cats. Single. Also hungry. Seriously Lou. Let's get food" Harry said and we once again laughed.

"I'm Zayn. I'm happily in a relationship. I love art and obviously music. And unfortunately I'm not a mutated human." He shrugged as we once again laughed, including Alicia as we all greeted her.

We pulled into a mcdonalds drive through and ordered our meals. Alicia, of course, got a happy meal. I smiled at her as she glared at me.

"You look like you've never seen a 20 year kid eating a happy meal before" she said, an edge in her tone.

"That's because I haven't. In fact I don't think anyone has." I said in return.

"What of it?" She responded as we all laughed it off.

"So Alicia, how come you and Harry haven't spoken in so long?" Zayn asked trying to create conversation.

"Well, after one direction became world famous, I tried quite a number of times to speak to Harry. I texted. I called. Heck I even emailed him once, trying to organise a time to catch up, but he never responded so after a while I just gave up. I still don't know why but I don't mind. I understand that you are all extremely busy and wouldn't have had time." She said blankly. I felt stupid. I must've forgotten to text her my new number. I'm such an idiot.

"Oh my god Leesh, I'm so sorry. We all had to get new numbers, and emails, and we had to delete our Facebook accounts too. I must've accidentally forgotten to send you my new number. Again I'm so sorry" I said glumly.

"It's okay" she smiled, attempting to hug me, but she gave up and kissed my cheek instead. Everyone sat there looking at us weirdly.

"What?" We said in unison.

"Oh. Nothing. Nothing at all." Chiara spoke.

"22nd of July, 2011" Leesha stated, smirking.

"You wouldn't" Chiara pleaded.

"Wait. What's 22nd July?" Louis interrupted.

"NOTHING!" Chiara glared at Alicia, her chuckling evilly.

We arrived at our hotel and parked out the back, were there were thankfully no people. Paul was waiting for us inside.

"Okay you will share a room with one other person, don't kill eachother, don't burn or break anything okay?" He said glaring at Louis and I. We all nodded, grabbing the keys.

"SHOTGUN LOU" Chiara shouted grabbing her arm.

"SHOTGUN LIAM" Niall shouted.

"SHOTGUN ALICIA" I shouted linking our arms together.

"SHOTGUN ZAYN" Louis shouted jumping onto his back, causing them to fall to the ground.

We all went grabbed the keys and went into our rooms. Alicia and I placed our bags on the ground and looked around the apartment. We were in the kitchen, and we walked around to the living room. We walked into the bedroom seeing there was just a double bed. We shrugged not caring about sleeping together. There was a cupboard, a desk, and 2 doors. I opened the first door, Alicia peering over my shoulder. I opened the other door, revealing a huge balcony, with a table and hot tub.

Alicia checked the time.

"Shit" she cursed, "it's 9:00 pm"

I yawned, making her yawn afterwards causing us both to giggle.

"We should probably get some sleep" I suggested as she nodded in agreement.

She went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth and came back out to get dressed, while I brushed my teeth. I took off my shirt and put on a pair of pants. I walked out seeing her in only a bra and some shorts. I laughed as I crawled into the bed, her following after.

"I was hot okay" she said noticing me looking at her.

"I don't mind" I playfully winked as we laughed.

"Goodnight Harry" she said closing her eyes shuffling closer to me. I wrapped an arm around her bare stomach as I closed my eyes.

"Goodnight Alicia"

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