Dont let me go

Alicia Atkinson and Harry styles have been best friends since grade school, but ever since 'One Direction' they have grown apart. What happens when she runs into Lou and is invited on tour as the assistant stylist?


3. Chapter 3

Alicia's P. O. V.

We walked down the street, him not letting go of my hand. He turned a corner, pulling me into an ice cream parlour. The same ice cream parlour we have been going to ever since I got here. As soon as we sat down I awkwardly dropped my hand. We went up and got our ice creams whilst making small talk. I checked the time and mentally cursed.

"Hey josh, I don't want to be rude but we have to leave. I'm really sorry" I said guiltily.

He sighed then nodded. We walked out and back to their house in a comfortable silence. Once we arrived we walked inside and Chiara and nick were making out.

"I hope you used protection" I teased as I walked over to the two.

"Go time?" She frowned, but she had a gleam In her eye.

I nodded as we said our goodbyes. We were both huge fans of the band so we were trying to keep our cool. We began driving, and Chiara turned the music down.

"Are you nervous?" She asked.

"Yeah I guess" I lied. I'm completely freaking out.

"Bull. Your a terrible lier. You're freaking out. Now tell me why" she stated.

"What if he doesn't remember me, or the boys don't like me?" I sighed.

She chuckled softly.

"Leesh, trust me. He will definitely remember you, and the boys will most certainly adore you" she said.

I shrugged and pulled into the small carpark sighing.

'Here goes nothing' I thought.

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