Dont let me go

Alicia Atkinson and Harry styles have been best friends since grade school, but ever since 'One Direction' they have grown apart. What happens when she runs into Lou and is invited on tour as the assistant stylist?


2. chapter 2

Alicia's P. O. V.

I chuckled lightly, as I entered my house, as I reminisced on my day. I set my stuff down and made my way to Chiara's room.

I knocked on the door, awaiting a response. I heard her getting up and the door opened to reveal Chiara standing in front of me.

"Hey" I smiled, "what's up?"

"Not much. How was your day?" She asked as I sat on her bed.

"Eventful" I said blankly.

"How so?" She asked.

"Well long story short, one directions manager came into work, realised I was Harry's good friend, I cut her hair, she said I was a good hairdresser, offered me a job on your with the boys, watched me work for a while, spoke to stacey, told me to bring a friend, gave me her number and left." I said casually. "You?" I asked.

"Wait. You're going on tour with one direction?" She said shocked.

"No. Were going on tour with one direction" I exclaimed.

"OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG" She said, completely shocked.

"Lou said that we leave in a week. So pack quick honey!"

She nodded quickly, heading for her wardrobe. I left the room, heading further up the hall to my room. I picked out a large suitcase and just chucked a few things in. I looked into my bare cupboard and sighed, walking back to Chiara's room.

"What's up?" She asked

"Were going shopping" I replied "get ready and meet me in the kitchen in 5"

She nodded in agreeance, disappearing into her messy room. I went into my room and quickly changed. I plaited my hair and applied some makeup quickly, before heading towards the kitchen. I looked behind me seeing Chiara standing there, smiling.

We jumped into my car, music blaring. As we were singing along, the mall came into view. I got a carpark as close to the entrance as possible then stepped out onto the path. I made sure to lock my car before walking in, Chiara by my side. We went into the first shop, leaving with a bag each. After a good 2-3 hours we sat down in the food court, getting some dinner. I checked the time; 5:07.

"Did you want to go home now or wait until shops close?" I asked.

"Well there is a few shops we haven't been into yet so well go to them and then leave?" She suggested.

"Sounds good" I said, nodding.


We left the mall at about 5:25 and drove home.

We had about 12 bags each and we both disappeared into our rooms. I decided to pack tomorrow after work, so I slipped into the pink covers of my bed and grabbed my laptop. I checked emails, Facebook and then twitter, then turned on a movie; The Vow.

It's such a cute movie and who am I kidding? It has Channing Tatum shirtless.

I slowly drifted off, and before I knew it, I was awake for work.


The next couple of days were the same. Get up, work, eat, sleep. I grabbed my phone, seeing a text from Lou.

'Morning girly :) hope you had a good sleep. Meet us at the salon (with Chiara obviously) at about 12:00? We'll grab lunch together so don't bother eating before. See you soon xxx'

I smiled in excitement, checking the time. 9.00am

I went into Chiara's room, her snoring lightly. I jumped on her bed, and her eyes shot open quick.

"Morning" I grinned cheekily.

"It was" she huffed.

"Get you arse into gear girl, were going to the salon at 12:00, don't worry with lunch. You all packed?" I asked.

"Omg yes. Are you excited too see Harry?"

"Very. And I'm very excited to meet the others too. I hear they're very loud....." I trailed off.

"So are we though" she shrugged.

"I know.. But like... Sleep. It's so beautiful"

"Anyways I wanna go say goodbye too nick. Wanna come?"

"Sure. Chuck your stuff in the car though so we can go straight to the salon." I said.

She nodded and I went into my room. I looked around for a minute. I sighed, grabbing my bags as I walked down the stairs and out the door to the car. Chiara was already there so I carefully placed our many bags in the car, assuring they wouldn't move around.

I jumped in the car and we left for nicks house. He lives around 10 minutes away and it's 10: 44 am so we will have about an hour there.

The whole car ride was comfortable silence, thoughts racing through my mind.

'What if he has changed?'

'What if I've changed?'

'What if his mates don't like me?'

I shrugged it off and turned left, into nicks driveway. We walked in to his surprisingly tidy house, and snuck up behind the couch were he was sitting. I'm actually genuinely surprised he didn't notice us walk in.

Chiara looked up at me and help up 3 fingers. She counted down and once she hit one we screamed loudly right behind him causing him to shriek in surprise. He turned around to see is laughing, relief filling his eyes.

"You. Scared. Me" he panted

"Sorry" we giggled simultaneously.

"What ares doing here? I thought you's were on tour? Oh and congrats Leesha" he cheered.

"Well we had a spare hour so we decided to visit" Chiara explained.

"Thankyou" I said "we have to be at the salon by 12"

He nodded, and snuggled into Chiara.

"Leesh, you have an important job on tour okay?" He began.

"And what might that be?" I asked.

"You have to make sure that Chiara doesn't get cozy with any other guys okay?" He said, not a hint of humour in his eyes.

"I don't think that will be a problem" I giggled, looking at the couple. They were so cute. You could easily tell that thy loved eachother very much. "Is josh here?" I ask. Josh is nicks roommate and one of my good friends.

Nick nodded. "In his room"

"See ya love birds" I said walking up the hall taking a right into Josh's room. I knocked on the door and I heard him groan, as he got up out of bed. He shuffled to the door, opening it slowly, revealing a shirtless josh. I'm not gonna lie, josh is attractive, but he's too much of a brother to like him like that.

He smiled wide before engulfing me in a hug.

"Hey" I said smiling.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" He asked politely.

"What you think I'd leave without saying goodbye?" I teased.

"No, well, I don't know I just thought you left already."

"Not yet but we only have about 40 mins. "

He frowned before mischievously grinning and closing the door. A few seconds later he came out dressed. He grabbed my hand, gently pulling me down the hall.

"Well be back in time, I promise." He yelled out too Chiara and nick as we walked down the streets.

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