Dont let me go

Alicia Atkinson and Harry styles have been best friends since grade school, but ever since 'One Direction' they have grown apart. What happens when she runs into Lou and is invited on tour as the assistant stylist?


1. chapter 1

Alicia's P. O. V.

I stepped out of the salon, turning the sign around, so that it now read 'closed'. I walked along the cement footpath, greeting the familiar faces as I passed. After no more than 4 minutes, I came across my little house. I swiftly turned the key, opening the door to familiar surroundings. I carefully placed my bag against the wall, collapsing on to my bed. I glanced at the time. 11:11. Being the child I am, I closed my eyes tightly, breathing out as I made my wish. Once finished I turned my phone on again, setting an alarm for work tomorrow. I work at a hairdressing salon, in N.Y.C. I slowly closed my eyes, unconsciousness taking over me.

Beep, beep, beep.

My alarm sounded, and I groggily sat up, slipping out from underneath the sheets. I stumbled to the kitchen, feet dragging as I walked along. I turned right, into the kitchen, grabbing the Nutella out on my way. I slipped 2 pieces of toast into the toaster, then turned to face Chiara.

Chiara and I met in my first year in New York. We met at college, while I was studying hairdressing and Chiara studying Health and exercise science. I'm now a fully qualified hairdresser, but Chiara works at Starbucks.

Once my toast was prepared I walked over and say next to Chiara.

"Morning" I chirped.

"Morning" she replied

"You working today?" I asked

"Not today, I'm meeting up with nick and were gonna see a movie" she smiled.

Nick has been Chiara's boyfriend for about 7 years now. I'm surprised he hasn't put a rig on her. I mean, they are only 21, but love has no age and what not.

"Well, as much as I would love to sit here and listen about you and nick all day, I gotta run. Have a good day, tell nick I said hey, use protection. Love you, bye." I said exiting the room.

I heard a faint 'love you too' from her. I entered my room and threw on a simple, yet affective outfit.

I walked out the door and once again acknowledged my friends as I walked by. I reached the salon and stepped inside.

"Mornin' hun" Stacey yelled from out back.

"Hey stace. What's happening?" I yelled in response.

"Umm not much. Alright, I have to duck out for a little while bit I'll be back in like 3 hours max okay?" She said, while running around the shop frantically.

"Yeah that's fine. What did you lose?"

"My phone..." She trailed off

"Ummm stace... Your phone is in your hand."

"Oh. Um. Right. Okay well I'll see you later. Bye bye" se yelled exiting the store.

I didn't bother replying because I knew she wouldn't hear. I sweeper the floor, cleaned the sink and placed the products on the shelves, before turning the sign around, so it reads 'open'.

About 2 minutes later a lady, about late twenties/ early thirties, came through the door. I'm almost certain she was pregnant bub I wasn't going to ask.

"Hi. How can I help?" I smiled. She looked very familiar. I'm probably just crazy.

"Um hi. I was just looking to buy some bleach?" She asked.

"Okay I'll be right back. "

I went out back and got a bottle of hair bleach and brought It to the front.

"Is this good?" I asked politely

"Yes that's fine thanks. Actually, while I'm here could I just get a trim? It just gets a bit hard to do it with this little one on the way" she giggled.

"Yeah sure that's fine. Just take a seat, wherever is easiest. So are you a hairdresser also?" I asked, wandering off gathering scissors.

"Um yeah. I'm actually the stylist of a popular band" she said carefully.

I walked over to where she was seated and began cutting her hair.

"Oh cool. What band? I you don't mind me asking."

"Umm one direction" she said, only just audible.

I nearly chocked on shock.

"One direction as in Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis?" I said shocked

"Yeah." She said casually. "Are you a fan?"

"Yeah I guess you could say that. I've actually been best friends with Harry since grade school" I said awkwardly.

"Wait. Are you Alicia? Alicia Atkinson?" She asked, also seeming shocked.

"Uh yeah? Has Harry mentioned me or something?"

"All the bloody time darling. You's must have been really of friends."

"All good things I hope" I said, surprised he talked about me.

"You're pretty handy with scissors. Have you got a degree?"

"Yeah. I majored in hairdressing in collage."

"Any chance your looking for some extra work?"

"Um I don't really know. Why is that?"

"Well, it's just that with the baby on the way, it's pretty hard for me, and once little Lux is born, I'll need time off. The boys are on your so I was thinking maybe you could join is on your and help out? You and Harry probably miss eachother too?"

"Wow. This is incredible. Is there a number to call you back on? I'll talk to manager ad see what she says. Or If you wanted too, and had time you could stick around and watch me work an wait for Stacey?"

"Sounds good" she said.

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