Highly Unlikely, But Hoping For A Miracle

Can a video and a lot of willpower make two people, completely unaware of each other fall in love? Luke Hemmings is the lead singer and guitarist of a very famous and very popular band, 5 Seconds of Summer. Izzy Dudley is a practically unknown Youtuber with only 11 subscribers. Could they ever fall in love just because one girl who thinks they would make a good couple made a video?
It's highly unlikely, but she's hoping for a miracle.


2. "Hi."

    As soon as the girl woke up the next morning she went straight to her computer to tweet the video at Luke and Izzy. She had the whole day off, no school, no work, nothing, so she decided to dedicate the entire day to this video. She knew Izzy rarely went on Twitter, but on the off chance that Izzy decided to log in one day she decided to tweet at her anyway. Once the girl reached about 300 consecutive tweets she had to stop for a couple of hours due to twitter policies. The only thing that upset the girl about tweeting the video at both of them, besides Izzy never being on twitter was the fact that she knew the likeliness of Luke ever seeing the tweet was slim and the chance of him actually taking the time to watch the video was even slimmer. It's not like Luke followed her on twitter, so she couldn't direct message him. She just had to stay hopeful and once those few hours were up she continued to rapidly tweet at the two. 
    By the end of the day the girl had sent out about a thousand tweets to both of them. She tweeted the video out to them all day and she could swear she now had carpal tunnel. She didn't get any interaction, not from Luke, not from Izzy, not even from random people on twitter. She was kind of expecting that though, Luke is famous and has thousands, maybe even millions, of people tweeting at him everyday. She wasn't going to give up though, this was going to happen! 

    After about the 500th tweet she made a pact with herself. She wasn't going to be a pessimist like she usually was towards most situations. She was going to accomplish this goal, she was going to optimistic and Izzy and Luke were going to get together. When they do she's going to be able to say that she was the start of the relationship and she is now whole heartedly happy. 

    The next day the girl also had off from work and school so she decided to dedicate the day once again to the video. Following the same routine as she had the previous day she started sending out the tweets. After the second set of tweets the girl decided to take a shower break. She may seem crazy to some people with what she was trying to accomplish, but was still hygienic. 

    After the girls shower and her amazing shower solo to Heartbreak Girl by 5SOS she decided to go back to tweeting. Once she logged into her twitter she had a single notification. She figured it was just someone following her because they saw her tweeting at Luke, but when she saw the notification her heart almost stopped. It was from Izzy, just a simple "Hi". She couldn't contain herself, she started tweeting about it and basically she just flipped the fuck out. 

    Once the girl started to calm down she got another notification. Izzy had started following her on twitter. She felt like she was flying! This was the best day of her life! Unless Izzy and Luke started dating, then it would be the second best day of her life. The follow once again started the storm of emotion. There was tweet after tweet and to the people following her it might seem weird, but Izzy was one of the most important things to her. Along with 5 Seconds of Summer, Izzy had saved her life.
    She decided to direct message Izzy, but she didn't want to be too abrasive and just send her the video, so she started a "casual" conversation.

"Thank you so much for following me Izzy! I love your video's and I think you're pretty freaking awesome too!"

"Thank you so much! You're so sweet!"

"I'm sorry if this sounds weird, but I love you!"

"It's not weird! I love you too! This has never happened to me before so I'm sorry if I'm a little awkward goober! :)"

"It should definitely happen to you more! You're amazing!"

"Aw, stop being so nice. Hey, I'm going to get off twitter, but once again thank you so much! And I hope you continue to enjoy the videos! :))))"

    Immediately after the conversation the girl felt like pinching herself. Did she seriously just talk to Izzy?! Did Izzy really just say she loved her!? Does this mean Izzy saw the video?! Everything felt so surreal!

 "But if that meant Izzy had seen the video the only person left to see the video is Luke." The girl whispered under her breath.

    And like that she was back to rapidly tweeting the video to Luke. As soon as she reached her tweet limit she went on Izzy's instagram to find that she had uploaded two new photo's. One was of Izzy hold a bouquet of sunflower's with the caption: "Sunflower's are the best flowers."

    The second photo was of Izzy's bedroom wall half painted a light pink and half painted a darker pink with the caption: "Painting is hard work."

    Immediately the girl's head started racing with scenarios involving Luke and Izzy and the pictures. For the sunflower picture she imagined it being Luke and Izzy's anniversary, so Luke gave Izzy the sunflowers and she took that picture. The second scenario was for the picture of the painted walls. The girl imagined Luke helping Izzy paint her walls and after about ten minutes of actual painting Luke turned on music and painted a strip across Izzy's face. Followed by Izzy retaliating by painting a line down Luke's arm, resulting in an all out paint war of giggles and tickles. Ending, of course, with a nice sweet kiss.

    After tweeting about the scenarios and tweeting the video to Luke a few more times, the girl crawled into bed. Even though she hasn't gotten a reply from Luke, this day would still forever be in her memories. Izzy followed her and talked to her and hopefully one day would thank her for finding her the love over her life.

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