Highly Unlikely, But Hoping For A Miracle

Can a video and a lot of willpower make two people, completely unaware of each other fall in love? Luke Hemmings is the lead singer and guitarist of a very famous and very popular band, 5 Seconds of Summer. Izzy Dudley is a practically unknown Youtuber with only 11 subscribers. Could they ever fall in love just because one girl who thinks they would make a good couple made a video?
It's highly unlikely, but she's hoping for a miracle.


1. Annnnddddd.....UPLOAD

   "And...UPLOAD!" The girl said pressing the upload button for her new Youtube video. She was a short girl, about 5'3, with blonde hair and brown eyes. Other then school work and her job at her local movie theater the girl dedicates most of her time to the band 5 Seconds of Summer and her favorite Youtuber Izzy Dudley. She fell in love with 5 Seconds of Summer after watching their music video for She Looks So Perfect, after that it was a long, obsessive journey. As for Izzy, she just happened to stumble upon her video about commercials and then continued to watch the every single one of her videos. Which in turn, gave birth to another long and obsessive journey. Personally, her favorite member of 5 Seconds of Summer is Ashton Irwin, but for some reason after watching video's of 5SOS and Izzy's video's she got this overwhelming feeling that Luke Hemmings (the lead singer of 5 Seconds of Summer) and Izzy would be perfect together. Now, she understands how that probaby sounds cmpletely ridiculous, especially considering Izzy wasn't a super popular Youtuber, with only eleven subscribers. However, even though ridiculous and highly unlikely, that didn't stop the girl.
    She had made two video's dedicated to the two of them as a couple so far and uploaded them to her Youtube channel. As she finished she looked over at the time on her computer; 11:11. 
    "Okay, I don't if this actually ever works, but on 11:11 I'm wishing for Luke and Izzy to fall in love. Highly unlikely in the grand scheme of things, I know, but it means a lot to me, so please...." Her voice trailed off as she saw the clock turn to 11:12.
    Now, "why is someone dedicating so much time into something that doesn't even effect them" you may be asking? The girl has suffered from a battle with depression, after learning about 5SOS she stopped cutting, after learning about Izzy she stopped having suicidal thoughts. Instead, she would come home from school or work and update herself with all the new 5SOS and Izzy information. She got excited and happy about things, which was a feeling she hadn't felt for a long time. 
    So, why wouldn't she try to get them together somehow!? After they both brought her out of her dark period of time and after she saw how compatible they were through various videos, why not? Getting them together would mean she could unite the two things that bring her joy. Now obviously she realises that she doesn't know either of them personally, so she doesn't actually know how they are in real life or if they're compatible, but that's nothing a date can't solve.
    She sat infront of her computer just staring at the video she just uploaded. "This would be fucking amazing if it actually works." She said cracking a smile.
    She wanted to tweet the video to both of them, but she figured she give it time to marinate in the internet realm overnight. Instead, She went on twitter and retweeted a few of Izzy's Instagram photo's. 
    Izzy is 16, she has brown hair inbetween medium and long in length, bright blue eyes that matched perfectly with Luke's and a nose ring through her left nostral which matched perfectly with Luke's lip ring.
    Luke, on the other hand, is 17 almost 18 he has blonde hair that was usually styled into the perfect quif, bright blue eyes, a lip ring and he is about 6'4 (Izzy has never said how tall she is, but the girl assumed she was shorter then 6'4).
    The girl stared at her laptop screen on more time before shutting it and whispering softly, "please..." 
    The girl drifted off to sleep hoping for a miracle. 

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