Love and lust

It's after the battle of hogwarts and Harry and The golden trio has moved on but some have not will Lucius be able to mend his Relationship with Narcissa before it's too Late? And will draco forgive his father?


1. Pain

Ciss please talk to me bellowed Lucius Malfoy.I promise I'll clean up my act.IM dying Lucius yelled Narcissa to her husband of 48 years.Just let her die in peace please asked the owe her that much after all she put up with your crap for two years when voldomort came to power she deserves better than what you gave her Mr.Malfoy.I know I was a real Son of...look I was a git can we agree on that?Just do me one Favor alright? Love me again for one more night before I take my last breath please? He came over and kissed her gently on the lips,she coughed once then kissed him with passion slowly he lifted her onto the bed.Through the night she said things like I need you stay with me.As they got through the night and the sun came up they were intangled in a web of passion drinking each other with every last breath they took.Ciss said Lucius Just relax and indulge .Meanwhile Ginny was In quite a mood taking care of her daughter.Harry she yelled in a very unhappy tone..Here she said take Carrie from me she's been up all night and I need to get to the burrow moms waiting Lilly's Hogwarts robes are in the dryer take them out then call Hermione she had asked about Rose spending the night Tommorow .Ok I've got this lets go Lilly!!!Lets go we've got an hour before we've got to get you down to the station.Hello said harry opening the Door.Harry! Cheered Hermione .Hey Draco harry said to him.After 12 shots of tequila Draco tried chugging the bottle down.Slow down mate you'll choke.Harry maybe it wasn't wise to offer him alcohol .Yeah mate last time he got drunk he snogged me for two hours on end.mind you mionie was zonked as well.Shut up Ron! Just saying he snapped.Carrie giggled.See even the baby knows I'm right he joked.Oh don't listen too him sweetheart she cooed.He's just jealous because Draco acts like a man when he wants a woman.Hey said Lilly coming into the room.Hello said Draco to her with some naughtiness in his voice.Dont mind him he's Drunk.Oh yeah I've got to drop you at diagon alley this mourning right?dont worry we'll take her harry Hermione ushering her out the car.So you what's up asked harry.My moms in a nursing home because my Wonderful father let her get to close to Voldomort and he turned her into a prune so my father is down there right now pretending to not be Rudy person that I know he truly is.I bet he's not actually that bad have you tried speaking to him ? Wouldn't help he answered taking in another swig. Alright well I'm not your personal Bartender Draco your mother is dying the best thing you can do for her would be to forgive your father and move on. Suddenly it flashed back to when Lucius and Narcissa met. cissy mother and father wish to speak to you said Bellatrix. Alright she answered back twisting her blond hair in a knot. when she walked into the room she felt extremely tense. darling you do know Lucius Malfoy I'm  I correct ? yes she nodded in weary tone. She  knew were this was going. well that certainly serves as an advantage. an advantage to what exactly? an advantage in your courtship. oh alright when does it start? funny you should ask her father ushered her to get up. there before her stood a tall blonde male of about 6foot with eyes the color of hazel. Hello he said politely. she just started at him for a moment then said its nice to meet you Mr.Malfoy she said as her lips trembled. you may call me Lucius love. she was quite for a moment. so how shall we get to know each other then? however you wish she answered back. I don't think your parents would approve of us snogging so soon. in the present Lucius lay wrapped in narcissa's arms

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